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Asics - sensei shoe

Published: 14 Jun 2007 - 00:59 by rskting

Updated: 14 Jun 2007 - 00:59

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Squash shoes are so difficult to find, that once you find a pair that fits you and works well, many say you should go out and buy a couple of pairs before the manufacturer discontinues them.

After 3 years I finally found that pair. 

Previously I tried $49 Head shoes- actually not bad, many say they peel but worked well for me and great grip, and toe box size. Not much cushioning, strain in lower pack the next couple of days.

Hi-tech venom, very light, good toebox, not enough cushioning and sharp pain in knees the next few days.

Now the two most popular shoes are Prince NFS and Adidas Stabil I had these and my favourite shoe all three of them simultaneously. Prince is great especially the higher ankle support, but the problem for me is after a few matches, I noticed my left hip ball joint socket hurting. Toes box a little too big for my avg width and bottom of big toe I get callouses.

With Adidas Stabil 7, cushioning is awesome but grip not great, and durability terrible- toe drag pulled rubber right off left toe area in 2 matches, and also left a big callous on my heel.

I went back to my $120 (sigh) Asics Sensei (worn by Shabana). They feel light. No callouses anywhere, because the fit is perfect for my foot shape. And most important of all, the day after I play, no pain in the hip joint or anywhere else.

It took me 3 years to find the proper way to evaluate a shoe, which is that you have to see if you hurt the next day or not, or if there are any callouses. There is almost no way to find these things out unless you buy the shoe and try it until you find out that fit.

Luckily I found mine.

But they're discontinued now.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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