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Published: 14 Jun 2007 - 17:28 by andreanorello

Updated: 28 Oct 2007 - 12:01

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Hello everybody,

I'm Italian player  and at the moment I'm in London.

I would buy the shoes to play squash.

Can you suggest me any shops in London where I can buy them?

Thanks a lot


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From mickeydubbs - 28 Oct 2007 - 12:01

By the way Andrea there is a nice little squash shop on tottenham court road. Went there last week to get my racket restrung. Service is excellent

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From mickeydubbs - 28 Oct 2007 - 11:58

Actually these shoes are available at

Been looking for a pair of hi tec 4:sys in a uk 14 for ages but can't find any. Can anyone help?

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From nickhitter - 28 Oct 2007 - 04:06

That's a shame. I need some now as my nfs II are tearing at the seams...

looks like i'll be dropping hints at christmas time then!

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From ferris69 - 27 Oct 2007 - 01:38

Hi Dave

Don't think you can get them yet. Spoke to the rep at the British Open and he said they would be out by Christmas

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From nickhitter - 26 Oct 2007 - 07:34

on a similar note, does anyone know where I can get (online or otherwise) the new hi tec 4:sys squash shoes in the black/yellow color? they seem readily availble in red but haven't seen the yellow that Palmer and Shabana wear anywhere.



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From coaksquasher - 26 Oct 2007 - 00:55

I would try Lambs Squash Club.  It is located at 1 Lambs Passage Chiswell Street, Islington, London EC1Y 8LE.


I know that they carry the Harrow Thrash, which is a shoe that I love.


Hope this was helpful, I am not really familiar with london so I hope this isnt too far away

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