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On your toes!

On your toes - knees flexed, as the opponent is ready to strike the ball

On your toes - knees flexed, as the opponent is ready to strike the ball

Published: 23 Nov 2004 - 18:10 by rippa rit

Updated: 15 Aug 2006 - 22:26

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Of course it is impossible to get around the court on your toes all the time, and it would be tiring for your feet.  When there is a change of pace, and particularly when you have plenty of time waiting for the opponent to recover the ball, it is easy to just relax enough so the heels have actually settled on the floor.  What is the best way to be ready to chase the ball?

It is difficult to be up on the toes all the time.  However, just as the opponent is about to strike the ball, bounce on the toes. This will definitely help the take-off.
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From drop-shot - 28 Mar 2005 - 22:08

Yep, Rita, I realised that ... I thought my browser is making jokes :-)
but nevermind, I got the point and I have started these NEW EXCERCIZES. Thanks.I owe you a lot. I am sure my performance on the local tournaments wil raise, raise and raise thanks to your support

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From rippa rit - 25 Mar 2005 - 21:26

Hi again Slavi,
Sorry I told a lie. There is nothing yet in the search for Restricted Games, and I was sure it had made the site; anyway it will now very soon. Must be one of those silent tabs, oops!

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From drop-shot - 25 Mar 2005 - 17:41

Gooddddaaayyyy Rita :-))))
The answer is - yes, yes, yes, we are doin' that.... only the lenght, only the length and ONE side of the backcourt ... but the one with the lob serve is cool! Thanks, I will try it. You mean i draw the square of the lenght of the racket, huh? Regarding the coach returns, this bustard is doing that ALWAYS that the ball bounces 35 cm.maximum distance from the side wall IN THE BLOODY SERVICE BOX. You know hom many times my liquidmetal met solid wall? Thanks for help, it is a long and bulky road, but I enjoy it more and more. Coach willbe happy and thankful for your input!!!! Have a greatddddayyyyyy!!!!

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From rippa rit - 24 Mar 2005 - 20:39

Hello or should I say Gooday Slavi - Now, I know I should not butt in, but I have a couple of suggestions for you and your Coach (pardon me!). Restricted games will bring your contest into a better perspective if you are not already doing that; eg 1.Coach plays only length past the short line, Slavi can hit the ball anywhere. 2.Coach must boast or drop (short stuff) and Slavi can play anywhere. 3.Have a look at the Restricted Games which are with the Drills and Routines for some ideas. 4.Slavi start the point with a lob serve, put a square in the back corner marked with chalk (use your racket as a measure), lose the point unless it lands in the designated area. Oh tough! 5.Limit the Coaches returns, eg drives to land within a racket head width of the side wall (lay a racket on the floor parallel to the wall) in the service box area - lose the point if it does not land accurately within that boundary.
Note: The main thing of course is that these restrictions do not spoil the game, but enhance the training session. Nobody likes benchmarks and accountability, but it will help in the long run. Let me know how it goes. Coach unhappy!?

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From drop-shot - 24 Mar 2005 - 17:04

Good Morning, Evening, whatever...
So, let me just add few cents into that fountain, ok?
"On your toes" and "Bounce" are the mantras for me from 3-4 months. And you would not really believe how my reaction on court increased. What I am really trying to do is to be in permanent move through the court, so I am avoiding long lounging, which makes the muscles and stretches my strings heavily :-))), so I stop just to prepare my hit. Then, smoothly I am bouncing back (or forward) to the "T"... The same behaviour i represent waiting for the opponent serve. So I am not standing like a solid statue one step next to my serving box, but I am watching the ball in his palm, I am watching his grip on the handle to guess the serve, while my legs are trying to find best position to approach the ball... Still I loose and win on the amateur tournaments, but as my personal coach told me, I play very well, I need more routine in this kind of games. You should know that normally I do play only with my coach (75 minutes per day), few times per week in the afternoon I check myself with peers from my office, but recently they do not want to play with me anymore. So I do not have decent sparing partner, just my coach who is far beyond my level (proffesional player from ca. 12 years, playing squash ca. 16 years, 6 in the national ranking, National team member). When we play so-called-serious -game, he plays at 40-55 percent of his limits. Sometimes i am happy seeing him running and sweating. The best compliment for my game is when he has to change the polo after our session. I believe "on your toes" should be mantra for all the beginners to become daily routine in the future games. Have fun and enjoy the game

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From drop-shot - 07 Jan 2005 - 22:42

Well, you give me some hope then as I am surrounded by "before 30" players around me ;).
But i am not complaining as my sport background (Judo, Acrobatic, Football) gives me a lot better condition than they can expect... I am feeling sorry anyway to be exposed to that beautiful game that late but the same time I feel great to be coached by the real proffessional guy who spreads his love to squash very well. And I am happy to find the service as yours, where i can read and learn about the tactic and mental preparation. Soon I will be ready to challenge myself in competition. Do not forget that I started my adventure with squash only in April 2004 (before it was like a joke not a game). I will keep yopu updated on my progress.

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From rippa rit - 07 Jan 2005 - 08:27

On to-day's standard, I too started this game late, and continued playing a top standard for 43 years so you have a long way to go yet to catch me! And I would still play if my body would allow for the wear and tear. Mature players do apply themselves better for training and competition. That approach will make up for some of the time lost Slavi. Also you can be dedicated without the distractions that young players have!! Throw yourself into the tournaments - no better time than the present.

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From drop-shot - 06 Jan 2005 - 21:46

I am ashamed with your compliments, Rita. But, yes, you are right, I am getting more and more keen on squash. Some people are laughing that it's a bit late for this, but I have very proffesional approach to squash. It's not a hobby anymore as I truly adore this game. Soon I will try myself on some amateur tournaments.

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From rippa rit - 06 Jan 2005 - 08:11

Hi Slavi
You sure are putting your mind to this game. I guess from the article you would have figured out we have 2 things affecting speed around the court, ie firstly, leg power (strength), and secondly the training of the quick twitch muscles (speed). So skipping sort of combines both of those, if you don't keep tripping on the rope like me! Don't forget to do more calf stretches now that you are getting so keen on the squash specific details. Keep it up.

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From drop-shot - 06 Jan 2005 - 01:03

Dear Rita,
I think it is one of the most valuables hints this year! :)
Definitely, to be quick is crucial in squash. Let my just add few cents, ok? The best and the most efficient way to improve yourself is the skipping rope. Sounds childish? Brings back silly memories from the past? Maybe, but definitely it helps a lot in squash. And I do not care I am over 30 y.o. guy using this. 15 minutes of this excercice per day will make its job. Believe me.

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