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Not the best FH Preparation

Not the best FH Preparation

Published: 15 Feb 2009 - 07:09 by rippa rit

Updated: 17 Feb 2009 - 07:11

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Here is a pic from the Finnish Open which shows clearly a player approaching the ball heading towards the back forehand corner of the court. For those who read the post previously, I found the upload pics feature listed under My Menu Selections (sorry about that); pic thanks to Squashsite.

When approaching the ball it is not a good idea to just have your racket by your side, as that is not in the "ready" position.  You can see in the picture the racket is not prepared for any actual shot from that position on court, yet the ball is heading to length, thus leaving too many quick adjustments to the racket, body and feet to hit the ball. 

Why is that not a good idea?

  • Too many things to do in preparation to hit the ball, eg sensing the position of the opponent (spatial awareness) which affects the shot selection, positioning the feet, shoulders, and body for the return, deciding whether to take the ball earlier or later, rushing the swing preparation whatever the decision. 
  • At worst it may end up being a more defensive return, and because of the late preparation may not be as accurate (too much wrist/arm movement), in which case the opponent is likely to read that from the body/racket cues.


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