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nCode n120 vs Prince More Game

Published: 06 Dec 2007 - 03:03 by Stonehands

Updated: 10 Dec 2007 - 00:45

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I'm in a bit of a delemma.  I have recently graduated to a 5.0 level and my style is power, although I am working on incorporating more touch and deception to open the court up.  I am not comfortable with the rackets I am currently using - Dunlop Ice Tour, and Prince Sovereign.

I have an opportunity to get a couple of Prince More Game rackets or Wilson n120 rackets.  I have tried a More Game before but not the n120. 

 I really liked the feel and control of the Prince More Game, a real "point and shoot" racket with the most solid ball contact I have felt in a racket and no vibration (which I hate).  The only draw-back of the racket I found is that it is just a bit heavy and a bit unforgiving under intense pressure.  I would go ahead in ordering the More Game but I have read great reviews on the Wilson nCode n120. 

My experience with Wilson was with the original Hyper Hammer 145g.  I liked the octagon grip and it was very powerful but seemed to have a bit of a trampoline effect when hit hard.  I did not like the feel of the racket and found it difficult to gage the depth of the court.  It also seemed to vibrate a bit, or felt hollow.  I did not like it on the whole. 

Anyway, I did have a knock-off BK C2C Heat that has a very similiar mode to the n120.  I liked the manueverability but not the head-light feel on such a light racket.  I found it difficult to aim from high (shoulder height) to low (close to the tin).  The reason I mention this racket is that I did like the larger hitting surface for rallies where I was under pressure.  I'm thinking the head heavy balance of the n120 would solve the aiming difficulty I had with the BK racket. 

Anyway, with all that said, I am looking for a good recommendation on which way to go.  My main concern with the n120 is no feel (hollow on ball contact) and vibration, which I cannot stand in my Dunlop Ice Tour.


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From nickhitter - 10 Dec 2007 - 00:45

The More Game is 168grams strung with bumper and grip on, which is not that heavy at all. My Gray's Powerflow Elite is 163grams strung and that is only meant to be 135grams bare frame weight, so the weights dont always correlate linearly. because of the tear drop shape of prince rackets, they always feel quick when swinging through anyway, compared to rounder head designs. I would still class the more game as a 'quick, light, modern racket' just not super whispy like these 110/120 gram rackets. I also love the way the More Game feels when you hit the ball too.

I wish Prince would make some new top models that weren't all 'O3' designs. because their best rackets (in my opinion) are all going to start becoming harder to get hold of, and I do like a good prince racket!

Good luck with the More Game!


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From Stonehands - 08 Dec 2007 - 01:20   -   Updated: 08 Dec 2007 - 01:21

Thanks Sparty.  I decided to go with the More Game.  I have tried it and liked it, so I figure I should stop experimenting with other rackets and go for it.  I like the maneuverability of lighter rackets but I do find that it is difficult for me to hit tight rail shots consistantly.  My timing seems to go off especially in important games.  The weight of the More Game seems to help smooth my swing out - settle it down.  I start swinging way to hard with the light rackets when I get a bit edgy.  I guess there is a difference between a racket feeling heavy vs. a racket tiring your arm out.  Hopefully the latter doesn't happen. 

Thanks for all your input!

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From nickhitter - 07 Dec 2007 - 10:00

The airstick 130 feels more solid and stable than the sovereign I felt, and is much quicker and lighter feeling the more game (although not quite as powerful most people seem to think)...this is going back a few years now to when more players were using these rackets, and from my own memory, but from what I remember it was like a cross between the more game and sovereign, but much quicker swinging than either. Great racket!

The More Game can take a lot of abuse, which is rare for prince rackets as they have a reputation for not being as durable as other brands. Particularly it's O3 range, with it's flawed and gimmicky (in my opinion!) holes that just make the strings last half as long, and reduce the durability of the frame.

...then again newer dunlop models seem less durable than older designs of theirs too, so maybe it's just the way newer rackets feel. I have not had a problem with my wilson n120 and durability, even though it 'feels' very fragile...but then again I'm not using it much at the moment anyway. I just prefer more of a 'touch' racket at the moment, not necessarily a powerful and forgiving one. so I guess I'm pretty much the opposite of yourself!


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From Stonehands - 06 Dec 2007 - 12:00

Actually the Prince Airstick is still available at some online shops (  Why do you recommend that racket?  How does that compare to the Prince Sovereign or the Prince More Dominant?  I have used the Sovereign and on the whole liked it, but found it more difficult to generate pace when really stepping into the ball.  Good volley/drop type of racket and maneuverable.  I have not used the More Dominant but is supposed to be similiar to the Sovereign.

Are the Wilson n120's durable?  Some rackets at that weight are not and though I seldom "crack" the wall, it can happen in a competitive match.  The More Game felt as though it would take a lot of abuse, if necessary.

Thanks for your input!  I may be over analyzing but I have about 7-8 rackets already and the next purchase I make, I plan on using for a long time. 

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From nickhitter - 06 Dec 2007 - 10:38   -   Updated: 06 Dec 2007 - 10:42

If I was you I would go with the more game. although from what you describe the racket that you really need is the prince airstick 130! which unfortunately are no longer available! too bad.

Anyway, the n120 is very quick feeling, whilst still nicely head heavy and very powerful and forgiving (like most wilson rackets). However they do feel less solid than is preferable and do have that slightly cheapish hollow feeling, but then again you often get that on 120g rackets.

I have found that vibration problems in rackets are purely a problem with a individual specimen or batch. I have now often tried 2 of the same rackets with the same strings in and at similar tensions and one felt really solid and one vibrated and felt unstable. I have experienced this phenomenon with the prince o3 tour, dunlop ice tour, and wilson n120 designs.

unfortunately there's not a lot of places to get 'tester' rackets. You just kinda have to bite the bullet and just buy one and try it for a while, if you don't like it cut your losses and sell it on ebay!


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