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ICE Custom Elite

Published: 09 Dec 2007 - 04:40 by SamBWFC

Updated: 10 Dec 2007 - 06:04

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Dunlop ICE Custom Elite




Headsize: 500sqcm
Weight: Custom Options 140 - 160grams
Construction: Hot Melt™ Carbon
Features: I.C.E. Power Ridges & Reinforced Throat Area, Custom™ Interchangeable Handle System offering customised head-light, head-heavy or even racket balance. Hot Melt™ Braided Carbon Construction, Isometric Headshape
String: Dunlop Dura Ace
Cover: Full Thermal


I bought this racket on eBay as I was browsing through and put a random bid on and ended up getting a bargain in comparison to the price these go for (Around £115 RRP I got this for £50, sorry I don't know what this is in other currencies!)


Wish I hadn't put a bid on. At first, I was really looking forward to getting on court with this, but after my first few strikes with the racket, I knew it wasn't for me. I just wasn't getting the power in my shots as I do with my Hot Melt Pro.


The racket, as stated above, has adjustable weights, the grips can be changed to change the weight of the racket:

  • Head-Heavy racket = 140g
  • Even balance = 150g
  • Head-light = 160g

So if you're a fan of head-light rackets, I suggest you stay away from this, 160g is a joke in my opinion, for the price of this racket. The grips are also quite large, and I prefer a thin grip so again this is not for me!


Plus Points:

  • Quite a large sweet-spot so there is no vibration in the shots
  • Dunlop are known for their durability
  • Ok if you like head-heavy rackets


  • You cannot re-grip your racket slightly up the shaft. If you do, you can't change grips over without removing the grip!
  • There is so much better out there for the price
  • It's a gimmick. One step too far with the changeable grips in my opinion.

Sorry it's not totally thorough but I hope this helps for a few people. I've just bought a Prince O3 tour, which I'm really looking forward to using. Let's hope it's a bit better than the ICE Custom Elite!!


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From nickhitter - 10 Dec 2007 - 05:53   -   Updated: 10 Dec 2007 - 06:04

If a racket is forgiving, then they often have large sweetspots and have a 'trampoline' like feel to them when striking. This is a different feeling to when you string the racket loose, but it's the only way I can describe it. It means you can hit the ball with power even if you are stretching, hitting the ball near the edge of the racket, or off centre in any way. The downside to this is they usually don't give accurate feedback to the player, it feels similar no matter where you hit the ball on the strings. Forgiving rackets also usually have string patterns that move the sweetspot from more central, to nearer the top of the head, although I'm not sure why....

Also, very forgiving rackets are often more flexible than stiffer more 'pro' models, which gives a 'whippy' feeling to the racket. On paper, this offers both less power and less control, but begineers and lower club players nearly always think they are easier to play with than very stiff rackets. The Wilson hyper hammer 120 is a great example of a powerful and forgiving racket, that these days does absolutely nothing for me!

Despite the larger headsize, I don't actually think the Ice Elite has a large sweetspot at all, I cetainly don't think it's any larger than the hotmelt pro. It's definitely right in the middle of the racket though, not near the top of the head like the cmax 525 and m-fil ultra sweetspots are, or where the aforementioned hyper hammer 120's massive sweetspot is.

The reason the o3 tour is so unforgiving in my opinion, is it's the stiffest racket I've ever played with, and although the sweetspot is nearer the top of the head than on the dunlop, it is very small feeling. If you hit the ball in the middle of the sweetspot and cleanly the racket is powerful and offers great control. It really is the epitome of a 'players' racket, and offers great feedback on shots, you know instanly what's happening to the ball as soon as it leaves your racket. But don't expect to be stretching, flick the ball with the o3 tour and expect it to make a length unless you're name is Peter Nicol!

I haven't used the nPro, so can't make an accurate comment on it.


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From SamBWFC - 10 Dec 2007 - 04:54

Also, when you say forgiving/unforgiving, what do you both mean by this?

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From SamBWFC - 10 Dec 2007 - 04:51

Well my first impressions of the O3 tour are good. Way better than the ICE Custom Elite anyway.

Yes I am a Dunlop fan but I do fancy a change as I've never had a Prince before and the only Wilson one I've had was when I first started off as a junior.

I've just been offered by a guy on eBay a new Wilson nPro in return for my ICE Custom Elite. I'm not totally sure if this is a good deal, what do people think of this racket?

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From Adz - 09 Dec 2007 - 22:19

Have to agree with Sparty on that one..... the O3 Tour is a VERY unforgiving racquet and is a nightmare to get used to and play well with. Have met a lot of players who love Prince racquets, who absolutely hate this one. Maybe worth looking at the O3 Silver or the O3 Black?

Personally I'm sticking to my Dunlops, and now I've found one I like I'm waiting for a BOGOF deal somewhere and stocking up on them! I think maybe a 2 for £100 would be ample and I'd be forced to spend money I don't have to buy four of them!




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From nickhitter - 09 Dec 2007 - 22:03   -   Updated: 09 Dec 2007 - 22:14

I agree the changable handle design is one of the worst blatant gimmicks. ( although up there with it are princes 'o-ports' I feel!) and one that they actually charge a tenner extra for. I also don't understand why they make the grips oversize on these handles, as they are second guessing peoples preferences in this area. Much better to have a thin grip and let people build it up to their own liking. So if you want to try an ice elite get the non custom version (JP model). It is probably because of this continued bad feedback dunlop have dropped the handle system for the aerogel range.

The ice elite rackets are not as head heavy as a hotmelt pro, which is why you feel there is more swingweight = power in your shots with the hotmelt pro. In my opinion the ice rackets are for good touch players who hit the ball really cleanly on power shots and can get enough power from there own swings, but they are not forgiving. Because of their open string pattern though they are good for applying spin and for 'feeling' the ball on drops, volley drops etc. If you are the sort of player whose style is to just continually smack it to the back (not that there is anything wrong with that!) then you will not get the best out of these designs.

If you want a 'powerful and forgiving' type of dunlop racket, the best ones are the 'powermax head shape' designs. Like the m-fil ultra, c-max 525 carbon etc. these are usually a little bit cheaper too! I have to warn you though, if this type of racket is what you are after a prince o3 tour is definitely NOT the way to go!



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From Adz - 09 Dec 2007 - 21:57   -   Updated: 09 Dec 2007 - 21:57


If you really like Dunlops and prefer a head-light feel, then I can recommend the Aerogel Tour (£63 inc delivery from I loved playing with the earlier ICE Tour and ICE Pro, and before those I've had a multitude of different Dunlop racquets. When I first got hold of the Aerogel I found it difficult to get to grips with as the balance is really head-light (especially after you add another grip!). But once I've got used to it, it plays wondefully well. Well worth a trial if those are the type of racquets you go for.






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