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O3 Tour.

Published: 13 Dec 2007 - 07:07 by SamBWFC

Updated: 27 Jan 2008 - 06:00

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Prince O3 Tour Squash Racket:



Used by World No1's John White & Nicol David.

Headsize: 500sqcm
Weight: 145grams
Construction: O3 technology and frame design incorporating GraphitExtreme™
Features: O3 technology and PowerRing™ frame design, Wallglider™ bumper, Cushion Fit Grip™
String: Prince Premier with Softflex

This retails at around £110 in the shops, I managed to get this for £70 from a small local sports shop. After deciding to sell my ICE Custom Elite, I was torn between buying a Wilson and a Prince, and as I saw the O3 Tour for £40 under the RRP, I couldn't resist getting it.

Oh how I would be kicking myself if I didn't buy it, this racket is bloody fantastic. I've seen a couple of people give this racket a hard time, saying it's 'unforgiving' and 'is not like other Prince rackets'

There's two things I can say to that. If it's not like other Prince rackets, then all the other Prince rackets must be rubbish. Also, 'unforgiving'?! Never. I've not hit one 'vibrated' shot with this racket, I seem to catch the sweet spot a lot more than with my Hot Melt, and even if I don't, there's no vibration and I can still play a decent shot.

I'm not sure if it sways towards head-heavy, light etc but it's overall a light racket that you can generate a decent amount of power from without having to swing hard at the ball.

The only downside to this racket in my opinion is that the shaft of the racket caves in in the middle. It is more like a.... how do I put this.... an oval shape shaft rather than cylinder like, so if you hold the racket quite high up (especially for the back corners) it can feel a little uncomfortable.

However, this can soon be overcome by putting a new grip on and gripping a bit further up the shaft, like I've done and there's absolutely no problems with this now!

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From weiran - 27 Jan 2008 - 06:00

My friend has this racket and I've tried it a bit, and it is a little "unforgiving", it does vibrate quite a lot (compare to my Dunlop Aerogel Ultimate), but it's not that big of an issue for me.

The sweep spot is huge, and this is its biggest advantage IMO, and allows you to shoot very accurate drives, but it doesn't have the fine precision that the Aerogel Ultimate gives me.

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From nickhitter - 13 Dec 2007 - 19:35

Well it takes all sorts, Sam!

This racket just must happen to perfectly suit you're game and that is fantastic. My o3 tour was incredibly unforgiving for my style and vibrated terribly too. I think this proves try before buy!


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