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O3 Black stringing

Published: 12 Jan 2008 - 01:07 by dutchman

Updated: 08 Mar 2008 - 23:54

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I own a Prince O3 Black (2007 model) and after 3 months the strings are broken.

The funny part is that no shop in my neighbourhood have ever seen such a squash racket and therefore refuse to restring it.

They all don't know where to start or can't garantee that the racket stays undamaged.

Has anyone experience with this problem and what would be your advice ?

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From hamburglar - 08 Mar 2008 - 23:54

breaking strings in a month isn't so much of a worry. I would be more concerned if the strings didn't break in the middle of the racket where the hitting and most string rubbing occurs. If it's breaking near the frame, I'd wonder if you're hitting hard, but near the frame, or if it's rubbing at a grommet.
The powernick red is very durable string. I like Tec225, but red is good too.

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From Adz - 06 Mar 2008 - 03:10

I would say that the last time I had to restring a Prince O3 model I noticed that the frame had worn where it was in direct contact with the strings (as the ports do not use a grommit).

If the frame on the racquet had worn in a similar manner, it could be cutting into the strings causing them to break on the sharp points of the frame.

If this isn't the case, check that the stringer isn't damaging the strings during the tension setting on the port holes.

If this isn't where the string is breaking then it's either too high a tension, too thin a guage or the strings are a poor batch. I bought 7 sets of Ashaway Powernick 18. 6 white and 1 red. All of the whites broke within about 2-3 hours of use (one in 20 mins!!) and the red is still going strong after about 9 hours of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. This could be due to the red string having a new make-up and being more durable, or it could be due to the white being a bad batch.


Try checking the frame first, and if you get no luck, try changing to a different string or a different tension. If that doesn't work, restring the racquet and sell it to someone else!!!!




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From dutchman - 05 Mar 2008 - 20:48

Besides from being a super racket I now have finally sold it and will get a regular Dunlop racket with a normal string pattern.

I'm a hard hitter, most stock stringing on all of my rackets in the past didn't last over 2 months. I play 3 times a week.

The latest strings on the O3 were both from Tecnifibre. The 305 and the latest X-one.

With the X-One the strings looked already worn out at the intersection of strings around the sweetspot after 1 week playing. The string was literally coming apart. When you move them a bit you really saw the dents in the other string where they touch eachother

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From bosartek - 05 Mar 2008 - 04:09   -   Updated: 05 Mar 2008 - 19:12

Funny, after your original post someone came to me with an O3 silver for new strings (I had just started restringing). It took a test run to figure out but, I'm pleased to say, I managed just fine (otherwise, I would've had to change my original reply!). In any case, the racquet was only about a month old when the strings broke. It's been about two months since (restrung with Ashaway SuperNick XL at 12kg) and no problems yet, but he only plays about once a week. On the other hand, another regular has had his O3 for several months and is still using the stock strings, though he is not a hard hitter. What string have you been using? Are you a hard hitter?

A more durable string will certainly help but I feel that it may be a consequence of the O3 design as well. The open port-holes on the racquet loop the string (i.e. from one main to the next) at a sharper angle than other racquets where the string passes over and along part of the outside of the frame before being threaded into the next grommet (less surface area over which to wrap the string means more stress on the string where it runs over the frame). For the same reason, it's easy to put added stress on the strings during tensioning if the racquet/turntable are not properly fixed on the stringing machine, so the stringer may have something to do with it as well.

Of course, this is all based on my very limited experience with the new O3 racquets. Better strings may completely resolve the issue. Give it a try and/or ask another stringer if you are able to find one in your area. I'm curious to hear what other O3 owners have to say.

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From dutchman - 04 Mar 2008 - 23:37

The strings broke within 1 month.

Now after 4 months I have had 3 pair of strings on the racket.

Is it the tension that is wrong ? On the racket is written 11 kilograms /- 2.

Any advice ?

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From rskting - 03 Feb 2008 - 15:05

prince web site has diagram

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From bosartek - 12 Jan 2008 - 16:32   -   Updated: 13 Jan 2008 - 16:06

What type of shops are they (sporting goods, tennis, squash, etc.)? Any respectable pro shop will have access to stringing patterns, particularly if they sell that brand of racquet since such information is always in the company literature. Even if no such information were available, a competent stringer should be able to figure out the pattern fairly easily (or just contact the company!). It sounds like they're either inexperienced or just lazy. If you want to give it another try, you can find the stringing pattern under "O3 black" here:

I don't mean to sound unnecessarily harsh, but that's all anyone needs to know to do the job. If the stringer still scratches his head, it's time to find a new shop... preferably one where they know what they're doing!

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