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A Speedy Recovery

Published: 09 Apr 2008 - 00:33 by adam_pberes

Updated: 09 Apr 2008 - 09:30

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Mmmkay. Firstly the question.

What do youse personally find the best way to a quick recovery is, that is a recovery in regards to general fatigue with squash. (i.e-not an injury, although I do kind of have one)

Because The longest TIme ive gone for is about 29 Days in a row where Ive played squash. Tournaments, And Inhouse comps. Because I'd Like to be feeling rather well for a tournament this weekend (willoughby Open) But Once again Ive been playing way too much (I think) into the lead up before a tournament. Ive played everyday since last......... ----> Monday. Not the monday 2 days ago. The monday before, as in 9 days ago. And I'm playing today(Wednesday), tomorrow and friday aswell. Then tournament on saturday/sunday. Then anoth 5 days of squash following that.

So what is the best way to avoid fatiguing, and also while I'm at it. R.S.I? (repetitive strain injury)

Im doing a fair few stretches at the moment, as Im treating my osgood schlatters at the same time. But what is ood for avoiding fatigue( Oh and I have school holidays at the end of this week WOOO!)

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From aprice1985 - 09 Apr 2008 - 09:30

Not wishing to put too much of a damper on life but it sounds like the amount you are playing may not be tooo good for the osgood schlatters, you are really meant to be resting, not quite sedentry but probably not playing squash every hour god gives, i havnt got my orthopaedics book to hand  but i would just suggest checking with your specialsit or GP if they think you are resting enough, remember if you lie to them you only hurt yourself! (a tip there from a medical student who has had faaaar too many patients put their little slant on things like how much you smoke)  In terms of relaxing like rita says have a few free days before comps, remember post match streches and a proper warm down, avoid using anti inflammatories to pull you through too many matches, the occasional one is fine (personal experience there).  My teaching such as it has been has generally been that everyone should have at least one rest day per week with limited serious exercise, might be different for pros or really serious competition players though.

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From rippa rit - 09 Apr 2008 - 08:31

A search "overtraining" will bring up a few results.

Anxious athletes tend to overtrain and often leave their "guts" on the court the day before...some will rest up for as much as 3 days before a big tournament and may just solo some skills practice.

Also carbo loading for 3 days is a good idea leading into a weekend competition  where you store the glycogen in the muscles ready for the big tournament.   Take  a banana with you for pick-me-up snacks in between matches.

I guess, it is not much good having the skills if you have not got the frame of mind (fresh, keen, clear thinking, patience, determination) and physical keeness (jumping out of your skin) coming into a tournament.

Good luck

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thanks for advice there rita. i will try it out and see how i get on

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