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How's your swing? Leave me alone!

Published: 10 Oct 2008 - 09:49 by rippa rit

Updated: 02 Nov 2008 - 19:55

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After reading Mike's comments about overtraining and recovery, it got me thinking of our Masters who are trying to refine their skills for the World Masters in Christchurch.  Last weekend I visited a Masters competitor who has upped the training to four times a week (travelling 25kls each way) in preparation for the O/55's and has a seeding of No. 3/4.  This is when all the touchy things in your head and your body start to tweek as the time comes closer for the competition.  I asked how the training was going, and out comes the tube of linament/rub for the forearm/elbow that is supposed to work miracles.  Oh she says I need an appointment with the chiropractor, he will fix things up.  So after feeling and massaging the arm, I noticed the muscles around the elbow/forearm are overdeveloped and tight, the elbow will not straighten properly.

What do I think?  The extra training has put more strain on the muscles, the swing technique is not good in that she does not have a full swing right through the ball (lack of power in the drives) and instead prefers to play with this rather tricky forearm (jab) controlled style (says when she hits hard she cannot control the ball), more stretching required, and the application of ice after training to reduce any swelling.  We all need to develop a full swing, even if only to wack the ball away into the back corners, as required; and there is nothing wrong with using touch shots for positional play (using the full swing of course).

The dressing rooms at Christchurch will look like a battle field, and smell like a hospital dispensary.

Forgetting technique for a minute, the friendship and fun definitely helps the injuries heal, and bugger the technique.


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