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Ultimate String Tension

Published: 05 Jun 2008 - 07:18 by moolman

Updated: 06 Jun 2008 - 08:28

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Hi Everyone,

  I live in the US and we have very few places that know much about squash racquets. I have the Dunlop Ultimate that I wish to get restrung with the Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Squash, 18g. If I want the feel to be as close to the factory string as possible, what tension would you recommend. Taking into account that the stock string is a 17g. I was going to ask Dunlop but the only number I can find on the internet is a UK number.

Thank You


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From rippa rit - 06 Jun 2008 - 08:28

See the "Relevant Content" tab on the top left giving some further forum discussions about strings and string tension.

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From moolman - 06 Jun 2008 - 05:04

Thank You both for your help. Squash is not very popular in the US and even less on the West coast in California. I will start at 26lb since both of you recommended it as the maximum range and work from there next time.

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From zatoichi - 06 Jun 2008 - 01:07

I am lucky enough to be able to string my own rackets,
and what i have come to is that there is so many variables that effect
the stringjob,

is the racket being strung on constant pull, crank or drop-weight machine, what kind of clamps are being used and how quickly does the stringer clamp after pulling tension, are hard weaves being pulled twice, and how is the tie-offs performed,

then we come to string choice for example x-one biphase i normally pre-strech as it is supposed to loose approx 9 percent due to its elastisiy, so what i do is pull the coil memory out before stringing.(Tecnifibre recommends pre-stretching before installation, but it is not required.)

I guess the fact that i own my own stringing machine makes it easier for me to be a little bit of a pedant, all in all i agree with Adz,
go for 26lbs then see how that works for you, so next time you need to restring you have more experience on what works for you, with that specific frame


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From Adz - 05 Jun 2008 - 08:41

Unfortunately there is no set tension on the stock strings. Depending on age and use the tension could be almost anything between 20lbs and 28lbs.


If the strings feel quite tight, I'd go for about 24-26lbs but if the string feels quite spongy then I'd go with something around a 20-22lbs.


That should cover it. You could always get the string-bed tension calculated using the appropriate tool, but I'd say that you need to seek out a professional stringer for some of this stuff.





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