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Re Stinging and Finding suppliers of grommit strip

Published: 16 Aug 2008 - 21:32 by DUDS

Updated: 18 Aug 2008 - 06:28

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Hi ive been re strining for last 6 months but cant find a website in the uk (to keep postage costs down) that sell a wide range of grommit strips for about £4-£5 quid.  All the stores in my area re string and charge £4 for a grommit strip but i just cant find a supplier.  I live midlands in england if anyone knows a phone number of a cheap supplier or a website it would be of great help.

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From Adz - 18 Aug 2008 - 06:28

If they only charge about £4-5 then they are getting them directly from Apollo Leisure. But you'll need an account to buy from them and I've heard it's a bit tricky getting one set up.


I use Watkins & Doncaster (Watdon) who offer free postage on orders over £10. Normally arrives next day.


Hope this helps




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From rippa rit - 17 Aug 2008 - 09:01

DUDS - see the tabs on the lefthand side "Relevant Content" take a read as there has been a heap of stringing, restringing etc discussion on the forum.

There are a few members into restringing so I am sure they can also help.

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