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Having trouble getting to the ball?

Published: 23 Oct 2008 - 13:17 by rippa rit

Updated: 15 Oct 2009 - 09:31

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

An onlooker asked me one day "why don't you hit the ball harder"?  I replied "I only hit the ball as fast as I can run"  I then explained the older I got the slower I covered the court, and the more time I needed. Of course if I covered the shot (was in position in time) I could hit the ball as hard as I wanted.

Think about it.

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From adam_pberes - 15 Oct 2009 - 09:31

Persoanlly, I've found my best lob shots come when I get underneath the ball, swing upwards and flat(i.e no spin) and the main thing being: I follow all the way through until my racket is right up in the air, this allows you to hit it up high, but it takes the pace off the ball as to not hit the roof.

Although, a little bit of backspin never seems to hurt, even some topspin never hurts :S.

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From rippa rit - 04 Nov 2008 - 07:14   -   Updated: 04 Nov 2008 - 07:15

lowballerdom - the lob is an under-estimated shot, yes, if done at the wrong time can get you into strife, or may not be effective.

The key to the height is the lift on the ball to reach a high point on the front wall. (Now I do not mean to hit the ball up high, I mean "lift").

The key to the soft floating ball is the lift (not the hit which is too hard). Try using your knees to get the lift upwards and see how that goes. Tight down the line of course too

It is a fine skill like a drop-shot that just floats up into the corner.

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From lowballerdom - 03 Nov 2008 - 16:17

This tip is genius, I have recently discovered this for myself. It seems so simple, and my coaches have been harping on me for years to throw up a nice high lob if I am in trouble and reset myself. Which seems to be getting more more frequent as I get older. 

That being said, I've noticed that some people have a really nice "loft" on their lobs where the ball appears to have much more hang time, how do they do it? I've tried doing all kinds of things to get it to float, but without consistent results. My lob is decent but I know it can be better, I've been told I don't get low enough and to take some pace off my swing, am I just recovering too slowly? Suggestions??

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