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Typical life of shoes ...

Published: 07 Aug 2009 - 07:47 by dpiedra

Updated: 17 Oct 2009 - 12:36

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Does anyone know what the typical life of a pair of squash shoes is? I know it varies with frequency of usage, foot type, etc... but as a general rule anyone know? Obviously the sole will never wear out, but due to expansion of the upper (through time) I'm wondering if there comes a time when you should say goodby to a pair even though they still look OK.

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From dpiedra - 17 Oct 2009 - 12:36

I have worn in this order over the past 5-7 years:

Prince (not sure the model)


Adidas Big Roar 3

Adidas Stabil 2

Adidas Stabil 7

Adidas Adicore (current)

On deck (Adidas STabil Royal)

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From rskting - 02 Oct 2009 - 11:29

dpiedra, 3 months and my shoes are no longer supportive. Play about 4 times a week. At 3 months I put in new insoles, and that lasts about about 2 months. 6 months they no longer are good. Prince, asics, all lasted for me about the same time. Adidas stabil lasts longer but they are too heavy for me. Hope this helps. Why are you asking? What do you wear and for how long?

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From dpiedra - 10 Aug 2009 - 07:19

I basically go by the width of the shoe ... when the shoe starts widening my fot begins to feel like it will roll on lateral movements. At that pint I think it has gotten too wide and my foot begins to move around too much. However I do appreciate the comment on shock absorption. I've had 5 knee surgeries over the past 25 years or so. I am 44 and while 3 of these occured before I was 30 (due to basketball), I know all to well the value of a good fitting shoe. However I wonder if by the time it is too wide thriough use, it may already have lost a great deal of the absorption ability.

I also appreciate the comment on body type, weight, etc. I am 6'-4" (approx 194 cm) and weigh in at about 225 lbs, so I would obviously go through a pair of shoes before say one of my 5'-9" (170 lbs) opponent.

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From raystrach - 09 Aug 2009 - 11:03

hi dpiedra

the thing that stands head and shoulder above everything else when it comes to shoes is the amount of shock absorption left in the soles.

having all types of injures over the years, i have come to realise that as soon as the shock absorption qualities start to diminish, it is time to ird of the shoes - you can use them for something else if you want to but not for squash.

the impact that your shoes take start to get transferred to your body with bad results over time - more wear and tear more degeneration of joints etc.

in my experience shoes are usually had it long before they start to look bad

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From rippa rit - 07 Aug 2009 - 08:20

Golly, the points you mention certainly do have a lot to do with the life of a pair of squash shoes, but I think the weight/size of the person wearing the shoes would definitely affect the life of the shoes. The fabric and stitching would be under a lot of stress with the constant twisting and turning.  Players tend to under-estimate the importance of good footwear and often wear them when they no longer give good support.  Perspiration would also be another thing.  Only wearing the squash shoes on the court and not wearing them for any other purpose outside the venue is also important to the soles.

Not that I have really answered your question   Squash shoes are a very personal item, like a toothbrush I believe, and need the same care!

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