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tecnifibre 305 reels, defective?

Published: 28 Oct 2009 - 04:46 by bosartek

Updated: 16 Jan 2011 - 23:43

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Just curious about other people's experience with the new, "improved" formula of tecnifibre 1.10mm string...

The new version of string, formerly 225 and now called 305 1.10mm, is sold in extra-long reels (200m), with a supposedly improved formula. I must say that I am extremely disappointed with this string. I am about two-thirds of the way through a reel and have yet to have a single set last longer than two days before snapping. In one week, I had to restring five times!!! I complained to the retailer and they assured me that there were no defects [according to tecnifibre]. If this string is not defective, tecnifibre has produced a supremely inferior formula of a formerly excellent string.

In all cases, the 305 string suffered catastrophic failure in either a main or a cross. Rather than slowly fraying and feathering as the 225 used to, the new string notches very slightly and then snaps clean through as if cut by a blade. It seems that the 305 has less of the cotton-like threading on the inside (which gave it the feathery look) and a thicker outer jacket. This leaves the string stiff and brittle. Just yesterday, I played with a freshly strung racquet in which the string literally exploded, breaking both a main and cross in the center of the racquet face. Not only this, but one end of string actually split and unravelled about 3cm down its length!

Tecnifibre is known for high performance at the cost of low durability, but this is absolutely absurd; given the price of these mega-reels, it is a costly experience for the consumer (regardless, nobody wants to restring every day). If the 305 is indeed as intended (i.e. not defective),  it is shameful that tecnifibre would release such a low quality product. I have written to tecnifibre but do not necessarily expect a response. Still, I would very much like to hear if anybody else has experienced similar problems with the 305 1.10mm string. In the meantime, I have to start looking for another string.


P.S. Racquets strung included various models from prince and Dunlop, some brand new. I experimented with pre-stretching, lower tensions, one-piece versus two-piece stringing, all to no effect.

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From buzzbomb1 - 16 Jan 2011 - 23:43


Bit late on this thread, but continued frustration leads me to reopen this issue.

I’ve been playing many years and stringing my own racquets for over 20 years in the UK and have had exactly the same experiences as are described by all here regarding the 305 type green strings.

I did get the original faulty string batch replaced by the UK distributer Smash Sports, but the new string is nowhere near as good as the original, exactly as described.

My string supplier at the time Apollo denied there were any reported problems, thus I was tearing my hair out for over a year until I got help from Smash Sports.

It is very rare for the string to break in the middle anymore, whereas the original never broke at any point other than the point of maximum wear in the middle. It now generally fails next to the frame and frequently after only a few games, a sort of brittle fracture type of failure.

As described in the grandslamstringers link, I was informed the French manufacturer has been changed since the original one refused to admit there was a problem….

Please everyone continue to feedback to Tecnifibre and distributors and eventually we might get back to somewhere near the original industry leading quality and performance. I have experimented but not yet found a suitable alternative. Some Ashaway products get close, but are either a bit too stiff or less durable. I have not tried Ultra Nick yet, any experiences?

Thanks for this useful website.

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From Nutmeg - 11 Mar 2010 - 21:16

I first bought a 130m reel of the new formula 305 1.20 string in August 08. The first racket was strung for a customer in November 08 and a main string broke on first night. The racket was restrung FOC for the customer bust broke twicw morw before February 09. The customer mormally gets about 6 months out of a Tecnifibre 305 1.20 restring. Also strung a racket in February 09 in Ashaway Supernick XL 1.25mm which the customer had no problems with. I'm an experienced stringer and have never had problems of this type before.

I contacted the wholesaler who supplied the reel who immediately informed me that Tecnifibre had problems with a bad batch of string and asked me to send it back so it could be returned to Tecnifibre for inspection. After a few weeks I received a call to say that Tecnifibre would replace the string. As the 130m reel was no longer available they replaced it with an equivalent number of single sets. As this is not as cost efefctive as a reel due to wastage I haggled and they supplied 4 extra sets.

That was the good news but the bad news is that following restringing with one of the replacement sets on 10th January 2010 a string has broken again after 2 months. The guy is a club member whom I regulary see play and is not guilty of hitting the wall or abusing the racket! The string can equally well break at the edge of the frame or some way in from the edge. The grommets are perfect as the grommet strips were replaced and the strings have not even begun to fray like the old formula did. The break always appears to be a clean cut.

Hope this is of some help. You might be able to get somewhere with getting a refund/replacement strings from your supplier. Ask them to take it up with Tecnifibre. If enough of us complain maybe they'll go back to the old formula. They need to sort out the problem or the customers will vote with their feet!

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From sloejp - 31 Jan 2010 - 12:03

this is really worrying as tf 225 was my favorite string. right now i'm playing with red x-one, and i was surprised at how soft the outer coating is. the strings started to notch almost right away. does this mean i have to switch to ashaway?


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From Stonehands - 29 Jan 2010 - 03:10

Does anyone know how to spot the defective strings? 

I bought 4 individual sets of the 305 1.10mm string and I am down to my last set.  They are the dark green color and in the newer looking packages.  I'm getting 5 - 10 sessions out of them before the break at the head of the racquet.  None of them have come close to getting that unique TF fraying look. 

Before I got the 1.10mm string I had the 305 1.20mm string and it lasted a bit longer but ended up doing the same thing.  Frustrating, because I like the way they play and look - I'm not a fan of the red x-one look. I'm currently using the old stand-by Ashaway Supernick.

I have been stringing my own racquets for about 4 - 5 years now and have never had this much trouble with any brand of string I use. I'm in need of buying a new reel of string but don't want to spend $200 for a reel of string that is defective.

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From Demo - 28 Dec 2009 - 13:20

So as an update, both my Dunlop GTX 4Ds were strung with 305 1.10mm. I can't say that either of them lasted long. Less than 10 hours playing time on each, and both had clean breaks near the edge of the frame. They weren't strung with a reel, but from two individual string packs.

Right now it's back to TF X-One on one racquet, with the other waiting for 305 1.20mm to be shipped for a fresh restring. Don't think I'll go back to 1.10mm anytime soon.

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From Adz - 28 Oct 2009 - 18:57

I have to admit that I haven't used the 1.10mm new formula for anyone yet, so I couldn't comment. I would say that out of a reel of X-one I had 5 breakages that were unusual.......

I had 3 sets myself that were used for a while (8hrs plus) but then snapped at the frame edge after off centre-shots.

One set I put into someone's racquet broke in about 2 hours of play about 1cm from the frame edge (I'd put this down to a clamp error, but the other strings seemed uncompressed and fine).

The last one was the one I detailed in another post. 4 break points from 1 forehand volley. 2 at the frame and 2 about an inch and a half from the frame. This was after about 10 hours on court.

Tecnifibre do make some good strings, and the X-one is one of the best I've ever played with, but the durability is pretty poor if you compare it to the Ashaway Powernick which I guess is the top offering from their rival.

For now I'll see if there's any knock on effects to the 1.2mm I use with most clients. So far no issues, but most of them will just be getting to that 10hour of use level.





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From Demo - 28 Oct 2009 - 07:48

 Funny you should post about your experience with the 305 1.10mm.

I just received some today and am having one of my Dunlop's restrung, so I can play with it tomorrow. They usually have X-One on it and I've had no problems, although maybe they lose tension a bit quicker than when I had 305 1.20mm.


We'll see what happens here, and I'll definitely post should it break. I remember reading about defective Tecnifibre 305 reels over at Grandslam stringers forum:

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