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Feather Super Hitter

Published: 16 Jun 2010 - 15:18 by Mr. Glass

Updated: 16 Jun 2010 - 16:21

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 Hello Everyone,


I am new to the game of squash (have been playing for about 6 months) and have been using a Feather Super Hitter ( I have had no complaints about it, but haven't played much with other rackets and know little about what else is out there.


My girlfriend has just started playing and is ready to purchase her first racket. The squash pro at our local health club (Lifetime Fitness) said that the Super Hitter would be a good choice for her as long as we don't mind investing the money (which we don't if it is worth it). He seems pretty trustworthy, but is sponsored by Feather and would also be the one selling me the racket (as was another squash pro who sold me my Super Hitter).


I want to make sure that his recommendation is not being swayed by his sponsorship. To his credit, he did also suggest Dunlop and Harrow. Furthermore, the price that he would sell me the Super Hitter for is a little less than what it costs online.


What do you guys think about the Super Hitter/Feather in general and would there be another racket you would recommend in that price category and why?


Thank you for the input!



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From mike - 16 Jun 2010 - 16:21

To be honest, it doesn't matter. You've played with the racquet and it feels good. Your girlfriend can do the same to see if she's comfortable with it. You know the cost, you've got an idea of how long it's lasted. I wouldn't get too hung up on what else might be out there.

You can't try every racquet, or even manufacturer, so IMO it's best to avoid the analysis-paralysis and just start playing squash. I wouldn't be concerned about a conflict of interest from the coach either. If he were recommending you a bad racquet at a high price that'd be a problem, but he's not.

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