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help with beginner racket

Published: 19 May 2007 - 18:34 by screwtop

Updated: 12 Nov 2008 - 08:39

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Hi, im new to the game and im looking to buy a new racquet for about £50 what should i be looking for, or any suggestions on popular beginners models. any help would be greatly appreciated

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From reynard - 12 Nov 2008 - 08:38   -   Updated: 12 Nov 2008 - 08:39

I got a Dunlop racquet for £4.65 from Tesco  I swear I could clatter the ball just as well with that as I could with a more expensive one. I don't see the point of getting all anal about a racquet, you will get used to whatever you play with until it breaks and then you get a new one.


Put it this way. They are all miles better than the ones I was playing with ten years ago. But it didn't stop me playing the game .

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From Adz - 03 Jun 2007 - 22:02

Well I know of at least three racquet companies who sell directly through ebay under assumed names just to boost the market presence of their product!

Simple rule of thumb is....... only shop with people who have a lot of positive feedback! If other customers weren't happy then don't use them. That's as tough as it gets!


Oh I also have no problem with people who sell the plus points of products that they sell/deal with, but I would say that with this being an open forum, it shouldn't degenerate down into a bickering contest about brand. State the FACTS and not opinions. If you've never had direct contact (e.g used!) with a brand then how can you comment on its suitability for someone?


So to bring this thread back round to where it started.......


  1. As sparty said, visit the reviews forum and check out the advice on there.
  2. Always give people a guide price that you're willing to spend, along with a brief description of what physical build you have (yes this will make a difference!)
  3. Look at the more common brands as these tend to have a variety of models across the range.
  4. If you're thinking of taking up squash on a regular basis, then you might want to consider getting TWO or more of the same racquets incase the strings break in one whilst playing. Look for companies who have multi-buy deals on their racquets (e.g 2 for £x or but one get one free!).
  5. Always compare the prices across loads of websites (yes online is the way to buy - ALWAYS due to price!) But make sure you're buying the right racquet first as sending them back is not always possible
  6. You can't beat first hand experience. Speak to people you meet whilst playing. What are they using. Ask to have a few hits with it. Don't just check the model, but also the strings they use and the tensions as this can make a massive difference to the feel!


I hope this helps, and as one of the people on here who has used most makes in the past, I'd be happy to answer questions if you have any about specific brands. Here's a list of things I've tried (T) or owned (O)

  • Grays (O)
  • Dunlop (O)
  • Prince (O)
  • Head (O)
  • WIlson (T)
  • Browning (O)
  • E-Squash (O)
  • Oliver (T)
  • Titan (T)
  • Slazenger (O)
  • Tecnifibre (T)
  • Karakal (T)



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From strokes_sports - 30 May 2007 - 00:09

Of course we're bound to say that! I'm just repeating what the manufacturers tell me.

They don't like people selling on ebay because they think it devalues the brand.

 Fake rackets do exist, a lot of fake Slazenger Mystique rackets were floating around about 10 years ago, they looked identical but once you played with it you could tell it was a naff racket! People sell all sorts of fakes on ebay, they're good quality fakes, but there are golf clubs,  rackets, football strips etc.

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From nickhitter - 26 May 2007 - 09:14

Yeah I've bought off ebay loads too. Never had a problem with anything, I mean who the hell is gonna bother to make a fake squash racket! The only reason manufacturers don't like you buying from ebay sellers is because you don't pay retail price!

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From ferris69 - 26 May 2007 - 08:16

Personally i think it's nonsense about not risking buying on ebay. I've bought all my rackets on ebay for the last 2 years and squash shoes and have never had a problem.

Sports shops are bound to say that though aren't they?!

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From strokes_sports - 25 May 2007 - 20:02

Head did have a problem a few years ago with rackets breaking, and lightweight rackets are never going to be as strong or long-lasting compared to heavier ones. Having said that the new Metallix range do seem to be tougher and an altogether more robust racket right across the range.

I would advise you be to wary of buying through ebay... Many manufacturers forbid retailers from selling on ebay, so you should check to make sure your not buying a fake or anything dodgy!

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From nickhitter - 25 May 2007 - 04:19

haha, strokes_sports I notice you only advise rackets you sell!

my advice is to stay away from head generally because they break easily ( or at least mine always have) and when you hit the walls a lot as a new player that will only accelerate the process. I have found dunlop to be the most durable brand personally. You can get very cheap 2003/2004/2005 models on ebay for every brand if you don't mind not having the latest designs..

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From strokes_sports - 24 May 2007 - 20:31


As you're new to the game I would recommend looking at more robust rackets as you're quite likely to clatter the wall a few times. You probably won't reap the benefit of a lighter racket at this stage, or, you may find that you prefer heavy weight rackets. The Prince TT Viper has been around for a few years but is still a very popular racket. The Prince TT Fire is another good racket for beginners. For £50 I feel that you can't get much better than the Head Flexpoint 150  - this a popular racket amongst club players, it has a good balance of power and control.


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From nickhitter - 19 May 2007 - 22:26

if you go to the reviews forum, you will see many rackets and the opinions on them from the community.


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