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Karakal rackets

Published: 11 Dec 2007 - 11:50 by BKsquash

Updated: 05 Jan 2008 - 10:13

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Simply, are Karakal rackets good in general, especially the newer series such as the EVO?  Thanks for your helpsquash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From SquashNorthof60 - 05 Jan 2008 - 10:13


The mx 125 although a lighter racket has a little more weight in the head compared to the bx 130.  I used to love the old bti 135(same frame as the bx 130) but the newer bx 130 feels quite head light.  You almost feel like there is nothing in your hand when you swing.  As far as power goes, you would think that the 125 with its longer string bed would give you a bit more power but I never noticed a real difference.
It comes down to personal preference and maybe what type of swing you have, i.e. fast swing or slow swing.

I am thinking about going back to karakl myself.  I would probably go with the pro 3sl or the bx 140 but I am not able to demo either.

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From DeadManMac - 05 Jan 2008 - 05:56

Hey SquashNorthof60, what did you think of the BX-130 vs. the MX-125? I have hit with the MX-125 a couple of times and I'm wondering how the BX-130 compares. My first racquet (that costed more than $19.99) was a Karakal and I really liked it a lot. I've been considering going back to them in the near future.


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From rskting - 31 Dec 2007 - 13:03

i use to karakal 100 and it's the thinnest and lightest i could find. feels very sturdy and actually is very sturdy. had it for a year, strung 2 or 3 times, no cracks or anything, so i thought i'd share my experience of this particular karakal. 

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From SquashNorthof60 - 13 Dec 2007 - 12:56

I think as far as durability goes, karakals have always been very strong and long lasting. I wouldn't be too concerned about the frames being thinner.

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From BKsquash - 13 Dec 2007 - 12:37

Yea, im really thinking about the EVO 4 SL or the EVO 4 SLT.

The frames look so light and thin but i still dont know whether thats good or bad.  anyways ill probably try my friend's out.

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From SquashNorthof60 - 13 Dec 2007 - 09:32


I would like to hear more about the pro3SL. I have hit with other karakals, including the mx 125, mx 140, bx 130.

anyone tried the EVO 4sl?


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From rippa rit - 13 Dec 2007 - 07:33

Mike - about the control and power bit.

If the racket is strung tightly it gives more control, and if a bit loose better for power.

So that might sound contrary from what I am reading on the forum.

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From SamBWFC - 13 Dec 2007 - 07:10

I saw a couple of Karakal rackets in this shop a couple of weeks ago, they seemed really light and I wasn't too confident on the durability of them. Then again I've never used one so I cannot comment on that really!

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From mike - 12 Dec 2007 - 23:08

I've been using the Pro 3T2 for about 6 months as well. So far it seems more durable than the Head Flexpoint/Metallix.

Initially I found the grip too small, so I built it up with some electrical tape underneath. That turned out to be unnecessary, as the replacement (Karakal) grip with no electrical tape is good size.

I like the racquet, it's very stable. I'm no equipment connoisseur so I don't have a preference for head heavy/light and whatnot. I would say that the "touch" on my Flexpoint 150 is probably better -- drop shots come off the racquet more softly with the FP, so I guess the Karakal has more power.

I will buy Karakal in future, unless something special draws me away :)

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From vks23 - 12 Dec 2007 - 16:04

Well...I have been using the Pro 3SL for the last 6 odd months and love them (I have two). They simply refuse to break.

If people here are interested, I can post a review (read: my $0.02) here.

However, I am yet to run into anybody using Karakal racquets here in Melbourne, Oz.


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