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Prince - Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign

Published: 25 May 2006 - 13:55 by zoom

Updated: 14 Apr 2007 - 04:50

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I've had this racquet for about 6 months now and here's a summary:

Pros: Good control, large sweet spot, forgiving, minimal vibrations, factory string (Sweet Perfection 17) is not bad, good balance for my taste (about even), light, and seems to be durable.

Cons: Average on power. Stringing is relatively straight forward, except that weaving the cross strings can be somewhat painful close to the throat, recommend an overgrip (I use the Karakal PU Supergrip as an overgrip).

Other racquets used:  Dunlop Black Max Carbon Ti, and Dunlop Hotmelt Pro.

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From nickhitter - 14 Apr 2007 - 04:50

why didn't you just buy another more game? you can get one on ebay for £57...

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From aprice1985 - 13 Apr 2007 - 07:08

Thought i would just say that I now play with this racquet having had a more game lost in an airport i got this one off the net very reasonably (£60).  It is just as good as the more game in my opinion, like the game it doesn't seem to be big on the power department but it give so much accuracy when you get the ball right.  I seems slightly head heavy to me which is the way i want it (the game was maybe a bit better here).  my final comment is that compared to the oliver xtron 120 this is brilliant, dont waste the money on an xtron i had one break at the throat without even hitting the wall and they are head light, and at 120g for me too light all round and just dont feel right.  (I still miss my poor more game though, nice racquet)

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From VolleyDrop - 21 Dec 2006 - 08:14

Thanks for your review.

I think this is an excellent racquet.  My pros and cons:

Pros - Very accurate, quick, enough power, picks up tight rail shots well, good weight, durable, good tapered and comfortable grip design.

Cons - Terrible OEM string (great with Technifibre 305!).

I've been looking for something a bit quicker for volleying and I think I've found it in the Wilson nCode n120.  I'll post a review in a month or two after it gets a bunch of matches under its belt.

Other racquets used - Various BlackKnight, Prince and Wilson models.

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