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TF Dynergy 125

Published: 21 Jun 2011 - 00:49 by tomdenners

Updated: 01 Mar 2012 - 04:14

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Hi guys,

Just treated myself to a Dynergy 125 racket and was wondering if anyone has used it and if so what they think?

I'm also trying to find out what tension TF string the x-one biphase at in these factory rackets. Any ideas?

I'll be doing a full review on the 'One stop string shop'  thread once I've played a few matches with this, but on first impression it feels super light and manoeverable, as well as generating a LOT of power!


Many thanks in advance,




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From kocebai - 01 Mar 2012 - 04:14


i have used it for a few months. 

plenty of power for light frame, however its easy to miss shots when outside of the sweet spot. 

i restrung my racket cuz the X-one fried really quick. i used 305 17g at 29 lbs- biggest mistake i have ever done. the tension was too high and the racket was unforgiving. 

for the tension on the racket from the store , i am guessing 25-26 lbs. 

hope that was helpfull. 

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