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Learning the shots

Firstly try to master the correct grip

Firstly try to master the correct grip

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Shape to play the forehand drive - swing with a side-arm throwing action

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Backhand swing preparation

Published: 02 Dec 2005 - 07:45 by rippa rit

Updated: 15 Aug 2006 - 17:09

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Our forehand and backhand drives are the basic strokes.  Solo practice, the basic forehand and backhand strokes, is one of the best methods of learning how to grip the racket, and play the strokes. Stand level with the service box, begin by hitting just one drive at a time.
As the stroke/swing improves, hit two consecutive shots, and so on. Take your time.

Learning to write started with a single stroke - and then we also had to learn how to grip the pencil.

I have always used my experience through education to assist develop progression in squash coaching.

Life is like that too as it also started with a single step.

This is meant to be a word of encouragement to beginners, and those striving to advance through the ranks.

Does this make sense?
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