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Wrist can i build it up?

Published: 22 Dec 2005 - 07:59 by missing_record9

Updated: 31 Dec 2005 - 07:35

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i think I have a weak wrist and I was wonderng if there are any excersises to strengthen it?


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From rippa rit - 31 Dec 2005 - 07:35

Yeah, toys look good too.
The bottom line is to prevent injury, and incorrect technique, particularly tennis elbow can really create a more serious problem, for life!
When you think of all the reasons for the lose wrist, racket head down, there are many things, and probably not one alone either, eg
  • grip
  • gripping the racket handle too far down
  • hold the racket handle using the whole palm (not thumb and forefinger)
  • pronation/supination
  • swing
  • bending of the knees to get down to the ball
  • footwork/movement
  • distance from the ball when striking
These are just other things to look at while building up a bit of arm/hand/wrist strength.
Let us know how it goes please?

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From drop-shot - 31 Dec 2005 - 06:02

My five cents on it is:

1. While going to the gym centre - grip 1-2 kg weight and twist your wrist 20-50 times;
2. On court - solo practice - chopping drives (hit as hard as you can) for 10 minutes each side;

3. I wanna get this funky toy :) called gyrotwister, but Santa missed that this year :'-(

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From rippa rit - 30 Dec 2005 - 15:19

Gadzooks - that backhand photo - did it have anything to do with this post?  Tell me the story attached to the photo and then I might have something further to comment.

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From missing_record9 - 28 Dec 2005 - 22:22

hey guys!

Thanks for all of that info! Its been great help!



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From raystrach - 23 Dec 2005 - 07:55   -   Updated: 23 Dec 2005 - 07:55

hi gadzooks

welcome to our forum - i hope you continue to participate

all the advice provided by our members so far has been good (that device looks like a great toy!! - i might have to get one)

one thing that i have noticed is that those with what could be termed a very "loose wrist" technique (i.e. where the wrist is "broken" or swivelled in the normal execution of a shot), often complain of a sore wrist, especially when they have been playing more than usual.

if this is so in your case read this link to basic technique - it could also help

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From dmennie - 22 Dec 2005 - 13:21

Hey Gadzooks,

There is a small piece of equipment that will build up wrists forearms and shoulders.

It is called a Gyro ball and is marketed here in Australia under the name Gyrotwister and is available from the web.

This product is excellent for the muscles we use for squash.

maybe Santa will bring you one

All the best

Merry Xmas to all

David M.

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From rippa rit - 22 Dec 2005 - 09:53

gadzooks - the wrist and arm strength is a good place to start if you are going to master the grip and swing.  Yeah, more shovelling in the garden is the practical way, but seriously, here are a few simple things to do:
  • Squeeze a squash ball
  • Push off the wall with your finger tips.  Stand about 1m from the wall, back straight, lean onto the wall with your hands (finger tips), and push back.
  • Push Ups off the hands and knees position.  Kneel down on all fours, back straight, push up on the palm of your hands, and then progress to finger tips.
  • Using a piece of surgical tubing, tie it to a post or hook it on your foot, and keeping your arm bent and close to your body, pull upwards/inwards.
  • Get your squash racket and holding the grip, elbow bent, rotate your forearm from side to side.

Build up to 3 sets of 10 and after a few weeks let us know if you are getting better wrist and racket head control.
As Viper said -  your arms and grip will become stronger from playing but meantime it is possible to develop bad technique if you cannot get the grip and forearm rotation happening in the early stages .

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From Viper - 22 Dec 2005 - 08:24

Hit more and more balls, this will build it up AND improve your shots at the same time.

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