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About SWOT

was initially developed in 1985.  I felt very motivated following Australia's success at the World Team Squash Championships, when one of my students, Chris Robertson, became World Junior Champion. 

Swot was  pilotted for one year in primary schools as a 90 minute rackets sports program, and was an adjunct to the Sports Commission initiative, Aussie Sports.  Many sports developed modified rules and equipment at that time encouraging kids to get involved in sport early.  More than 100 videos and manuals were distributed throughout Australia and from this wide exposure many initiatives evolved.

I encourage you to embrace the concept, it is good for kids social and physical development. 

Have fun,
Rita Paulos

Swot 20 years later
As time has passed Swot now embraces pre-school children.  
Swot will give children a solid base enabling them to branch into other sports when ready.  This is what Swot kids will experience:
  • Fun Warm-ups that assist the development of balance and movement.
  • Activities that make children laugh, and interact with other children their own age.
  • Children experience success at participating in  challenging games.
  • Achievement builds confidence.

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Range of equipment

Swot Equipment Selection
Because Swot caters for very young children the equipment required will depend on how the game is to be used, eg
  • as a lead up to other racket sports
  • as an adjunct to a fitness centre's programs
  • as a school sports program/activity

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Swot Racket and Balls

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Why Swot?

From that simple concept emerges a whole range of positives as follows.

Why for kids?
  • Have fun
  • Teaches co-ordination skills for life.
  • Fitness
  • Weight control
  • Achievement
  • Reward
Who would get involved in Swot?
  • Parents
  • Clubs
  • Kindergartens
  • Pre Schools
  • Child Care/Minding Centres
  • Sports Complexes
  • Primary Schools
What benefits would Clubs, etc gain from offering Swot to their clients?
  • While parents have recreation, children can also be catered for.
  • Lead kids into other programs on offer.
  • Develops fitness awareness as a way of life.
  • Promotional tool for memberships.
  • Inexpensive to set up.
  • Easy to manage and supervise the activities and games.
  • Parents/family can be involved if necessary.

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