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  • In 1999, Rita Paulos and I decided to combine all our knowledge and resources developed over many years and put it on the world wide web.
  •  It represented contributions we have tried to make to Queensland and Australian Squash over a cumulative period of 50 years.
  • We thought we could add to that, contributions from you, the Squash public and add everything that is happening in the world of Squash today.
  • This is our vision for
    • On the January 1, 2004 we took the first step in realising that vision with the - "Library"
    • During 2004 we added the Members' Forum, Squash News, Tournament News, Rippa Rit's Chapionship Tips and The Guru Speaks
    • During 2005 we carried out many small improvements to the site including new and updated content and a revamp of the site layout
    • During 2006 we continued to add features to the site including Raystrach's Squash Blog, Squash Websites, Gear Forum, Squashgame Gold and some surprises.
    • In Year 2007 we sought top AIS Scholarship holders to provide video content of the Skills videos, added a Gold Members tab which contained evaluation resources, and advanced content.  It was at this time that we decided to accept Gold Membership as an introductory offer pending completion of our many video resources.
    • This year 2008, is our fourth year, and due to member demand have put more emphasis into the "playing" part of squash, have added Rippa Rit's Hot Links, The Guru's Shorts,and currently are working on e-coaching resources and video file features, training resources, and pair routine videos.
    • The websites have been put in abeyance and will be reviewed later.
    • It was decided to suspend Gold Membership and allow all visitors to access the site content FREE, and join/register if they want to become active within the site content.
    • To cap off 2008 Raystrach has been redesigning the site with a new improved look, making more room for video coaching tips, added products, eg e-coaching, e-books, as well as a Shop/Store. By supporting the Shop you help us continue this work.

To make it complete, we want your comment, and contributions on anything to do with or squash in general. Meanwhile, check out our individual stories below.

Raymond Strachan

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Rita Paulos

Rita Paulos
  • My introduction to this mighty game was one rainy tennis afternoon in 1958. One of my team mates, a top squash player, took us off to play what I now know was “tennis on the squash court”.
  • From then on it was more squash and less tennis. Gradually I got fitter, slimmer and keener and quickly moved into top grade and stayed at that level for 25 years.
  • What a great journey.
  • Thanks to squash I have met many wonderful people, travelled extensively, coached some great kids, including many current international players/coaches who fondly refer to me as “Rita the Margarine Eater”  (thanks to a series of high profile television commercials) and “Rippa Rit". 
  • Here is some of what I have done:
    • 1959  Changed from Tennis to Squash
    • 1960  Played top grade in the metropolitan area
    • 1960  Nominated as a Reserve to the Qld Team at the National Titles.
    • 1961 - 1969 Played competition and reared 3 boys.
    •  1971 Represented Qld at National Teams Titles
    • 1972  Represented Qld at National Teams Titles
    • 1973  Member of the Winning State Team
    • 1990 O/50 Winner World Women's Champion.
    • 1994 O/55 Winner World Masters Games.
    • Competed at top level competitionfor 25 years. Played squash regularly for 43 years.
  •  See "Coach Profiles" for further credentials.

More Pics...

Margaret Davidson Rita Paulos (Winner) Dawn Martin R/Up
Qld Wins Nat. Teams 1973

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Raymond Strachan

Raymond Strachan
  • Getting involved in Squash at the age of 18 was of the best things that I have ever done.
  • I had always been involved in playing many sports, but Squash was the one which I gained an enthusiasm for, an enthusiasm which has never left me.
  • When I was introduced to Squash by my brother, it is fair to say my enthusiasm far outweighed my ability.
  • Persistence did pay off and within 5 years of starting to play, I had reached a personal goal of playing in the top grade of the local competition.
  • During that time the lady above, Rita Paulos, helped me achieve that goal. The period of the late seventies to the eighties was a very exciting time for Squash in Brisbane, as we started to develop many great players.
  • Others came from interstate to attend the Australian Institute of Sport Squash unit.
  • It was an honour to be able to compete with some of the world's top players of the time.
  • Whilst I had been coaching since the late seventies, it was not until the early nineties I got more heavily involved in developing the game of squash.
  • Since then I have been heavily involved in Squash from the local to the national level:
    •  Developing coaching courses
    • Successfully formulating new Squash development systems
    • Creating a new computerised Squash centre management system and business model, "Facsman", which will be launched later in 2005
    • Helping players of all levels reach their personal best.
    •  It is my hope that will help provide some boost to Squash across the world.
Contact me here.

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