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Published: 23 Dec 2008 - 12:32 by adam_pberes

Updated: 23 Dec 2008 - 14:32

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Hey hey!

I was wondering what mini-games people have for squash oiut there, not even mini-just modified.

E.g, you've got normal games, length games, 3 quarter court. 1 person can only hit short, the other long.

But then youve got the games which ive only really seen juniors play;
Lives: As many people as you want on the court. each person gets a certain amount of lives, and you play normal squash. The aim of this game is just to keep it going. you lose lives by either, making a mistake( i.e: ball doesn't go "up") or if the ball double bounces closest to you twice. Lets are aloud, but should try to be avoided, get creative play SOFT lobshots over others, corkscrews from the back corners, reverse boast rallies, corkscrew,corkscrew,corkscrew,corkscrew,corkscrew,corkscrew,corkscrew, (happens alot:P) and whatever you want.

Then you've short games: 2 people up front, one on either side. Boast to serve, each player gets to hit the ball twice before the other person must hit(I'll explain). I.e: they can lay-up the ball to themselves and then go for the nick. THey can do this everytime, or if preferred, just once a rally. this gamecan go by point or king of the hill, if the ball does not make the quarter court next to you(where the opponent is) You lose.

Then theres also King-of-the-hill 3 quarter court games, but the difference here is that the ball can bounce twice before it is dead. you may think this seems easy, but you can still do alot of running.

Then you've got the other mini-games, which arent exactly squash but soccer-squash, squoccer and everything else like that.

Anyone else got anything else? Or know where to buy squiccer balls from?

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From rippa rit - 23 Dec 2008 - 14:32

Adam - in the Library/ActivitiesGames you did not see anything worth while?  It depends what you want these games for, eg develop hand-eye coordination, keep groups of kids busy having fun, adding some variety to the school holiday rec programs, etc.. ?

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