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Published: 19 Feb 2006 - 15:34 by markinjapan

Updated: 25 Sep 2008 - 20:44

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*edit* sorry, wrong forum!

Hi, this is my first post on the site. It's good to site a forum with lots of good information!

My question is about tension. I'm from a badminton background and I am very very picky about my tensions in that sport; I usually restring all my rackets at least one a month. I've been playing squash for a total of a few months, although spread over a much longer period of time, and although my strings havn't broken, I am thinking of restringing.
I recieved a couple packs of supernick XL and XLti from a friend so that's what i'll use, but what tension is resonable? My experience in other racket sports has given me a strong wrist and good racket skills, but i don't want my racket strung at super high tension and come out feeling like a board. And just for interest sake, what tensions would top pros be using?
I guess the best advice is to try a variety of tensions, but can someone give me a good one to start at and some personal experience with the different tesions you've tried?
I'm playing with a factory strung c2c that i got last may i think.......yuck huh...

on a side note, how many people string their own rackets? i've been stringing badminton rackets for three years but never a squash racket. I don't imagine you would need more than a two point machine as squash rackets are so beefy and the tensions are around the same (i think??)


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From rippa rit - 27 Feb 2006 - 18:28   -   Updated: 27 Feb 2006 - 18:36

Hello markinjapan - I was hoping someone would come up with something a bit more specific to answer your question about the brand of machine.  I guess if you travel the portable version is the way to go. 
Here is a link to Stringing Machine Forum which will help home stringers. It also refers to the drop weight tensioner which is the model I am familiar with where the foot is used to apply the tensioner leaving the hands free to apply clamps to the strings.
I do know that the racket manufacturers do have booklets about the string tension for various models but then I was told not to take too much notice of that so it sounds as though, unless we can get a more experienced stringer to help, you might just have to do the "trial and error" method.
Here is a very interesting article from a veteran stringer which might give some ideas to consider when using different types of strings.
Good luck with your project.

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From markinjapan - 25 Feb 2006 - 01:02   -   Updated: 25 Feb 2006 - 01:17

Thanks guys, i've been able to find some helpful info!

As for racket stringing, can anyone give me any tips specific to squash? Also, can anyone let me know if they string themselves and what machine they are using? Can anyone comment on how fast squash strings tend to loose tension? (depends on the string of course, any examples would be fine though) 24hrs after fresh stringing with no play, after 1 hour of court time, or 3 hours? String it's self is cheap enough, so i guess the best way to check things out is by trying it out for myself, but any help from a seasoned vet would be greatly appriciated!

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From rippa rit - 20 Feb 2006 - 18:23

Markinjapan - just in case your missed this post in the archives here is a link to a bit of talk about strings which might be useful too.
Good to see you guys helping each other with the nitty gritty bits and pieces.

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From fonseca - 20 Feb 2006 - 07:48

Squash Rackets strings get from 11Kg to 13 Kg , but 13 is a lot and only a few people will play well at that tension so I recommend something from 11Kg to 12 Kg

Hope this Help


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