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Published: 14 Mar 2006 - 04:02 by JJSOOTY

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 11:46

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My serving is giving me some trouble at the mo.  From the right serving box it always seems to hit the side wall to early so the returner can simply wait and then volley it as it comes to them.  I've tried serving the ball further to the right on the front wall but then it hits the side wall to late, behind the returner, giving them an easy volley.  It might be to do with where I stand in the serving box, with my right foot in the top left hand corner so I can pull the ball across me.  I need to stand this far forward to get enough power on my serve.  I could do with some tips.

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From rippa rit - 16 Mar 2006 - 07:58

JJ - a bit of solo practice is always a good thing too as you can then reenforce the main points about the skill.  It is sort of like making a tape in your head, if that makes sense.
Keep it going.

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From JJSOOTY - 16 Mar 2006 - 02:58

Cheers, I've just been on court and the tips really helped.  My opponent was very small so the lob serve was really effective!

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From rippa rit - 14 Mar 2006 - 07:53

JJ - Morning - I am not sure if you have surfed around our Library on the Home Page; here is a link to Strokes/Movement/Serve - have a good read, also click on the "more" tabs for further info.
Just a few comments,which are probably in the link, anyway:-
  • Stand forward in the service box when serving.
  • Strive to get the correct angle from your racket, to the front wall, to rebound at the angle you want on the side wall (ball to land) by hitting in a straight line off your racket (not across the body, or by changing the wrist, etc).
  • It is better to change the feet/body position than muck with the swing, etc.This is like a game of billiards with the angles involved.
  • Once you get the exact spot, always stand in that spot.  See the diagrams as a guide in the link.
Enough said, and let us know how you go.

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From aprice1985 - 14 Mar 2006 - 04:07

Don't bother working on power, play it soft and high on the front wall, almost hitting the very middle of it to brush the side wall and drop soft into the corner, if you can do this you will have a great serve.  I serve the hard and soft ones from the same position as you do and find it works fine although i am inconsistant but if it gets going the serve is one of my strengths.  I should say that i play the harder hit serve but the aim is not to hit as hard as possible all the time, keep it fairly controlled as well as powerful.  Why does your position make a difference to power? a slightly longer distance to travel shoudln't have that much impact on power i would have thought?

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