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Beating a Better Player

Published: 11 Aug 2004 - 18:26 by rippa rit

Updated: 27 Dec 2007 - 21:01

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

You are beating an opponent you are not expected to beat, and then your mind starts playing little tricks on you. It starts saying things that interrupt the winning, which is in fact, the playing process and game plan.  Stick to the process, approach it  ball by ball, rally by rally, game by game.

What sometimes happens is that you may get thoughts like:-

    • I cannot believe I am beating this better player.

    • How come I am playing so well!

    • What will Mum and Dad (or whoever) think, if I win.

    • If I win, it will cause an upset.

    • Who do I have to play if I win

This is all it takes to let the opponent back into the match. Next time what should I do?

    •  Keep doing what you were doing while winning.

    •  The match is not over until the hand shake.

    •  Only change a losing game.

If the pressure applied on the opponent at the beginning is slackened off, that will cause a change in the game. How?

    • i. Give the opponent more time to play touch, eg drop shots.

    • ii. More time to get to the T.

    • iii.More time to play shots without rushing.

    • iv. Give the opponent a chance to catch their breath, especially if they are not fit.

By backing off, for any reason, eg tired, lost concentration, scared, frustrated, gives the control to the opponent.Read more about thought control factors

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