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Thoughts that create Obstacles during Play

Published: 09 Sep 2005 - 14:29 by rippa rit

Updated: 17 Nov 2007 - 17:18

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip
There are many thoughts that create obstacles which prevent us doing our best. Unfortunately, generally these thoughts have a chain reaction - a domino effect.  In this article we will talk about FEAR.

Firstly, I will list some of the things that promote fear during a game:-

  • Losing to a lower graded player, eg fear of being beaten, worried about losing a ranking at the club, disappointing the coach/parents.
  • Letting the team down, eg knowing the match is an important rubber, team dipping out on the finals, no trophy.
  • Being hit by the opponent's racket/ball, eg aggressive opponent, opponent crowding, pushing and shoving.
  • Losing to a younger player/woman, eg being humiliated by team mates.
  • Freezing on crucial points, eg chocking the racket/swing and hitting the ball into the tin, leading 3:0 and suddenly think you might lose the match/game.
 All of the above thoughts can then destroy self-confidence which then promote further actions, eg

    •  hitting the ball too late/early.
    •  forgetting/changing the game plan.
    • making errors.
    • overhitting the ball.
    • arguing with the Referee.
    • making excuses and the list can go on.....and on ..
If any of the above descriptions sound familiar, go to Mental Preparation for further assistance.

  • In short, focus on the things you can control which will assist performance - write a list - you will be surprised.

  • Tell us about your experience.
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From rippa rit - 10 Jul 2007 - 14:37

We like to know how our members go when they finally get into a big game.
So any feedback is good.

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From edmpnd1961 - 10 Jul 2007 - 12:05

Hi Rippa,

I hv lost 4 yrs in squashi (2000 and 2 yrs in the 90's  due to injuries), hving stop at yr 2003 and hv been training moderately (5mths)for an indiviual grade tournament, starting this coming Saturday 14 july 07.

Have been reading most of yr post and did gave my two pennies worth(abt refs and sqaush cheats and honesty in life)

Will try to remember yr gd pts said and hope to put them to gd use and try to win it and even shd i fail to make the first round, i will make sure my worthy oponent earns it and come crawlling out of court.

Tks and rgds





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