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Published: 04 Jul 2006 - 05:53 by JJSOOTY

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 09:06

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I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he was talking about his latest racquet and how much he has enjoyed playing with it.  I can't remember the exact model but he said it was a Karakal.  I'm just wondering what knowledge anyone in here has about them as I've never tried one and they seem to be a relatively small company.(In comparison to Wilson etc) I'm not considering buying one myself I'm just curious.

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From Daren - 18 Aug 2006 - 13:06   -   Updated: 18 Aug 2006 - 13:09

Here's my take on Karakal racquets. I've had 3 different models of them over the years and compared them to Head, Prince, Dunlop and also a Wilson racquet.


- they have a flexible frame whereas a racquet like Head has a stiffer frame (the slightly flexy frame of the karakal may be good to try if you have tennis elbow)


- they are VERY durable in my experience. I believe these are the toughest racquets I've ever used.


- the grip is more rounded (like a prince), whereas a Head grip is square shaped.


I highly recommend these racquets due to their toughness. If you are breaking too many racquets give a Karakal a try - If you like the feel of the slightly flexy frame, then go for it. Good racquets in my experience.


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From Sportsfan3006 - 08 Aug 2006 - 00:30

It depends on the model I guess there is an old (2002-2003)  Karaka green carbon racquet that is a very sweet one, 140g, 35cms balance, great racquet I am not really sure if they still make it.

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From vitty - 21 Jul 2006 - 19:50

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Black eared Caracal caracal

Karakal is an animal - Caracal caracal. In Turkish it means "the black ear". It is similar to lynx.

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From missing_record1 - 21 Jul 2006 - 08:58

Anybody know (or care) where the name Karakal comes from? I was just reading the book "Lost Horizon" and Karakal is the sacred mountain of Shangri La... I did not know that!

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From squash36 - 15 Jul 2006 - 11:41

i've played with a karakal before and i didn't like it, it vibrated too much. just stick to their grips

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