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The high elbow closes the racket face - not desirable

The high elbow closes the racket face - not desirable

Published: 12 Jul 2006 - 14:45 by raystrach

Updated: 13 Jul 2006 - 07:49

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We have heaps of Squash Tips and information on Squash technique  here at The thing that we do not have a lot of is, comparisons of technique. Take a look at the attached composite photo.

The photo on the right is that of Craig Rowland (Fmr WR 7 - subject of an important announcement soon). The one on the left is on the 06 World Junior Mens' Championship web site. Who do you reckon is more prepared to play a better shot?
The secret is in the arm position. Note Craig's low elbow...
  • It helps keep the racket face open
  • Reduces the radius of the swing - better at the back wall
  • Is ready to hit the ball at any time from now on
  • Enables greater shot selection
The young bloke is probably a pretty good player, but if I were playing him, I would be pounding his forehand - mistakes will flow.

Take a look at your own forehand preparation - does your elbow and arm position close the racket face during preparation? Take the tip - keep the elbow down and the racket face open.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 13 Jul 2006 - 07:49

JJ - with the racket preparation - from the "ready position" (racket held in front) take the racket back (backswing) by turning your body towards the direction the ball is heading which requires very little racket preparation and movement, but more feet and body movement.  This will increase the speed of preparation enormously.

Retrieving a fast ball - so long as the racket is back, just control the racket swing onto the ball as the opponent's power will help heaps with the return.  Remember, to control the return is the essence, not to hit it twice as hard !


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From JJSOOTY - 13 Jul 2006 - 05:44

To begin with my arm position was like the left picture.  I could play a decent forehand drive but I was susceptable to a powerful drive from my opponent as it's difficult to have your arm ready in this position when the ball is hit fast.  Over the last couple of months I've started keeping my elbow much lower like the photo on the right.  I've found this makes it much easier to retrieve a fast drive and also means I keep the face open.  Keep the comparisons coming they are very useful! 

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