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Talking about injuries

Published: 30 Sep 2006 - 09:26 by rippa rit

Updated: 30 Sep 2006 - 09:26

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Here is an interesting extract from the Sports Performance Bulletin

"Physiotherapy is not sports training.

After initial rehab it is up to the athlete to move on to the next professional with a different skill set. Isn't it?

What all physios should know but don't

Strength and Conditioning training covers a broad range of skills – strength, power, speed and agility, endurance and flexibility training and recovery methods – the significance of each of which varies according to the athlete being trained and their sport. 

A competent trainer needs to understand the purpose of different exercises, exercise technique, correct programming for different sports, phases of training and individual circumstances, and the detail of how, when and why to vary instructions on the performance of sets, repetitions, speed of repetitions and length of rest periods. 

But should a physio be expected to have the competencies of a strength and conditioning coach?"

For those who are serious about their training, and especially those who are aspiring to be coaches, I recommend accrediation in Strength and Conditioning, and the Level 1 is only a weekend course.

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