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Injured while playing

Published: 24 Nov 2004 - 08:30 by rippa rit

Updated: 04 Jun 2007 - 07:14

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip
At competition one night a Doctor was called as a player had sprained their ankle and could not put the foot on the floor.  Obviously they paniced a bit.  The immediate result of the visit was to apply ice, as there is very little anyone can do until the swelling goes down which might take a few hours, and definitely take much longer if no ICE is applied immediately..  And, at 9pm at night there is not too much one can do until the next morning, except R-I-C-E.

All injuries, except eye injuries, will benefit from immediate application of a cold pack or ice, wrapped in a damp towel, commonly referred to as RICE, ie
    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation.
 Note: Don't forget the damp cloth 'cos it could turn into a frost bite if applied directly to the skin.   Of course if you are still concerned a visit to the Physio is recommended who will evaluate the need for an x-ray, etc.
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From rippa rit - 04 Jun 2007 - 07:14

Adz - this sounds like a corked thigh, or a blow to the leg - yeah, you were not playing footy I know that, but you can still get a sharp bump just the same.
This extract might be helpful to note:

"What is a corked thigh?

A corked thigh is where you get a small bleed or haematoma usually into the quadriceps muscle of the thigh. It is usually caused by a direct blow to the leg. It needs to be treated immediately with rest, ice and compression usually with the quadriceps muscle stretched to reduce further bleeding. If the bleed is causing excessive pressure on the other structures in the leg you need to seek medical help urgently. Corked thighs usually improve by themselves but possible complications include infection, clots in the veins and muscle damage.

Dr Calabresi is a practising Sydney GP and medical editor of Medical Observer. Please email your questions to"

Thanks for passing a message onto Chris - we go back a long way.

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From Adz - 03 Jun 2007 - 21:11

Unfortunately I'm following this method at the moment following a rather painful injury to my right leg! I've had cramps all night running from my toes through to my stomach, and no amount of movement or straightening of the leg helped last night! Although it has to be said that it is feeling better (more like a very nasty bruise and a lump in my leg) than it did yesterday!


Rita: On a more up-beat note, I did pass your regards onto Chris who was at the tournament.


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