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Head light racket

Published: 04 Dec 2006 - 22:45 by haconb

Updated: 19 Sep 2008 - 17:40

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Hi first post!

I have searched a bit, but couldn't find much information on racket specs...
Now I'm not overly obsessed with weight, but would really appreciate any information on head light rather than balanced or head heavy rackets.
Head heavy used to suit my game but i moved to balanced and now want to try something head light for a bit more reaction speed!

Many thanks for any info.


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From rippa rit - 07 Dec 2006 - 07:41   -   Updated: 07 Dec 2006 - 07:56

gregzilla - just for fun, good players can use any bat at all, well almost and still win.
Yes, I am sure some aspects of brand rackets are customised for the top players, so they get six at a time and change regularly, and have restrings often, at no cost and get commissions too boot.....

Also, the racket used will often depend on the best deal (the contract addressing the number of tournaments to play a year, the shirts to wear, the shoes to wear, with bonuses for results, and who pays for what, etc) the player gets, eg win x number of tournaments, win x number of majors, win a world championship. 

Personally, I think look for good features in a racket and persevere with it.  Maybe cross out the negatives in a racket and then you might have something special, eg
  • no vibration
  • durable frame and strings
  • big sweet spot
  • well balanced
  • does not hurt your arm/elbow
  • suits your game
Then persevere with it.  I hate changing rackets, and I hate changing shoes, 'cos they sort of become part of you, yeah. Always note features you like in your equipment, and try to duplicate that in a replacement, eg the weight, the strings, the tension, the manufactured materials.

PS About the link thing.  I will add a link about Add a Grip ( without using the little thingy above.  Will you please go fix it up so it then will go straight to the correct page.?  What, hit the Edit button, then  just highlight the link - the one I have put in above, hit Ctl C, hit the link icon (the 5th icon above), the box comes up, put the cursor in the space and hit Ctl V(the link will then be copied in the space), then OK - (the link should now be in blue and underlined in the article), then hit Update reply.  
Greg, it is as easy as falling off a log!! Try it.

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From gregzilla - 06 Dec 2006 - 21:18   -   Updated: 06 Dec 2006 - 21:19

Hrm, racquet arrived today.  Taking a few swings in the office, it doesn't feel very light/headlight to me.  I'll have to give it a proper go this evening.  Maybe once i put an over grip on as well, that will make the balance more to my liking.  I also played a long match last night, so maybe my arm is just tired :).
agree with you spartacus, i don't have Jonathon Power's skills :-(, so why would I want to play with his racquet?  Does anyone know if the pros customize their racquets like tennis players?  I doubt anyone in the top 50 on the pro tennis tour play with stock racquets, curious if it is similar to squash.  So Wilson sells the "Roger Federer" model, but it only looks like what he really plays with.
Anyway, I'll post more info after I get some time on the court with this new racquet.

ps Rita, when I do as you say, nothing is added to the text box.  I can enter the link in the popup, but it doesn't put anything into my comment.  I am using firefox, btw.

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From rippa rit - 05 Dec 2006 - 20:54

gregzilla - That is ok I will keep editing your posts
Now, all I did was go to the post, hit the Edit button, and there your post was looking at me, so I highlighted it (the link that is), hit Control C (for copy), then hit the icon on the right hand side of the bullet points, a little box appeared to paste the link into, so I hit Control V (which then pasted the link in the little box), then hit OK, then hit "update post" at the bottom of the posting box, and bingo  - magic!!

Don't give up, try again!

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From nickhitter - 05 Dec 2006 - 19:52   -   Updated: 05 Dec 2006 - 19:58

I think you'll be happy with the m-fil ultra, great racket tried one last week. Very quick but suprisingly solid feel, very quiet vibrations and good playability, it's far easier to play with than many of the 'pro's' rackets and the string pattern and head shape are very forgiving.

A lot of people buy the top end rackets thinking their always going to be best because they're most expensive, but sometimes that's not the case and the intermediate players rackets are the same quality but much easier to play with ,especially if you're not an 'A' player.

I too am used to head heavy rackets, and it seemed ( in the short time that I spent with it) a change for the better. So now I have no idea what racket I am going to buy! but anyway, let us know how you get on with it.

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From gregzilla - 05 Dec 2006 - 08:50   -   Updated: 05 Dec 2006 - 20:50

I just ordered a Dunlop M-Fil Ultra (     135g and very head light.  I'll post a review after I get a chance to play with it.

btw Rita, that link button still doesn's seem to work for me :).

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From drop-shot - 05 Dec 2006 - 03:41   -   Updated: 05 Dec 2006 - 03:42

As far as I do recall, Head intelligence series were Head-Light balanced.
I know that few models of Black Knight are Head Light as well.

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