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Court Scenario FL Drop

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Published: 30 Mar 2007 - 20:58 by rymercho

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 16:27

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Hi I just joined today, thought there was some quite intresting stuff on here. Especially the bit on leftties and Interference. I have played squash scince a kid addmitedly not as much to be reallly good. My dad tought me to play, he's in his 50's now and I can get the measure of him at last. I have a friend I play and he is a bit Let fanatic. Especially when he is chasing the game. I have a scenario that he constantly say is obstrucive play but I just cant see it. I have done a little diagram but I can't seem to get it on the post. I'll try to convey. I play a shot from just off left centre slightly deep and follow up to the T. The ball goes down the right hand wall deep. He runs back and plays to the left corner and the ball comes a quater way down the court on the left hand wall. I step to the ball and stall the shot to change pace, slight gesture of powering it to back of the court then play it back to the left corner as a short/drop shot. The ball falls to the left of me short and he is somewhere to my right behind me claims a let although he was going to go deep I changed tack making him change direction and run towards me. I would only be obstructing the ball if ran at it to hit from the side of me. What do you think? Cheers Chris

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From rippa rit - 06 Apr 2007 - 08:03

Sam,  sounds like your opponent is playing the drop at the wrong time, especially if you are breathing down his collar.  Or, he sends you such a message that you are standing there waiting for the shot.
So long as you are playing the ball, and not playing the player.  Also sounds as though your opponent is playing the shot from in front of his body which really makes getting out of the way difficult (then most likely backpedalling and running into you?), rather than take it from the side.
Remember, you are not the incoming striker until the ball has hit the front wall.

Second thought, get this fella to join the forum

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From SamBWFC - 05 Apr 2007 - 08:58

I have this exact same problem with a guy in my club, except I'm the let caller, not the shot player.


I'm probably going to be a bit biased here and sound like your opponent, but:


GET OUT THE BLOODY WAY! Lol, seriously though, it's got to be a stroke to the opponent if you play a drop that lands in front of you, you make no effort to move back to the T (or at least away from the ball once the shot is played) and the opponent genuinely makes an attempt to play the shot i.e. he's stood right behind you, slightly pushing you away to try and get to the ball.




If you've used a deceptive shot as you mention, and he moves deep and you play a drop, then your opponent is not likely to be near you on the court. He then, in my opinion, cannot call a let, even if he does attempt to go for the ball, and it is a point to you.

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From hamburglar - 04 Apr 2007 - 11:53

I still think the drop shot off the boast you have pictured is the best option for a high percentage play. Get it tight and with backspin to drop short. If it's tight, the return will be weak. Just take a little sidestep to the middle and the let call your opponent was expecting will no longer be there.

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From rymercho - 02 Apr 2007 - 20:21

All good advice, I think I will try to change the shot as it is probably not the best option.

This was the one shot he would contest and I wasn't quite sure wether or not I was in the wrong.

I'll keep you posted


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From stevo - 01 Apr 2007 - 22:59

Apart from the other suggestions I would perhaps try to get someone to umpire one of your games. That way you should get an unbiased opinion.

I used to play guys like this, people who used to beat me and when I improved and was beating them they would try to get as many lets and strokes as they could even if they weren't justified. Some people just can't accept a beating.

Another suggestion would be to make sure that when you play that shot make sure you really clear the ball and make the drop as tight as possible.

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From rippa rit - 31 Mar 2007 - 08:37

Chris - the others are really telling you to change your shot selection?
The bottom line is, if you want to change the situation, you are the one who has to change, as the rules, not matter what, will not fix it, by the sound of it?  Concentrate on the shots you are going to play to overcome this, or you will become very frustrated.

Hit the ball to the corners, preferably any of the 3 corners away from where you are returning from.   For example, on return of serve, you have the choice of drop in the front corner, cross court drop, reverse boast, boast, volley boast, cross court lob.
If you take the front court option, most likely after two shots the opponent will run forward ready, and that is the time to lob it over their head.
Try not to set up repetitive patterns of play, as an opponent you play regularly gets used to your game, and knows what you are going to do. 
If you use the boast, which is an excellent running shot, you must be ready to volley.

Keep us posted on how you get on.

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From nickhitter - 31 Mar 2007 - 04:54

next time try playing a little tickle boast, he'll have no excuse then because you won't be where the ball is going!

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From rymercho - 31 Mar 2007 - 01:07

Good point are you saying to hit it straight down the wall as soon as I get to it?

Maybe I should play with a bit more urgency in this situation in future.

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From SuperSage666 - 30 Mar 2007 - 23:38   -   Updated: 30 Mar 2007 - 23:53

Oh, another guessing game here m8s

In our club, this scenario would give a stroke against the red bloke (3) even if the green bloke wasn't moving quick enough to get to the ball.   lol  So in our club, you never play the ball back to near your own position.  Even if you make a great effort to clear the ball, our club members would still give a stroke penalty against you.  They don't take such things into account, because that requires thinking.  

Though I have noted over the years that holding the ball in a scenario like this is often counter productive, as if you can get to the ball quick enough at (3) while your opponent is in the back quarter, play it quickly so he/she has little or no time to return to the centre.  If you hold your shot, it allows the opponent to gain a good central position and is more likely to be able to cover any shot you choose to play.

I prefer to hold the ball more when behind my opponent, this gives me a better chance of watching his/her movement and thus can catch them with their weight moving in the wrong direction or flat footed easier.  I prefer to attack when in front, as this  puts my opponent on  defense and creates more opportunity to force an error from them.  Occasionally, if my opponent is noticeably moving, I will hold a shot from the front of the court and attempt to use their movement against them.  But, they could be foxing like the Khan's do.   Deliberately make it look like they are moving forward in for intercepting a straight drop, so you  play a cross court, but just as you swing and watch the ball, they will change direction and intercept your cross court shot to play a winner.

Watch t;he ball!!!???


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From rymercho - 30 Mar 2007 - 23:27   -   Updated: 30 Mar 2007 - 23:27

Yeah that rule is OK if you have a referee but when it's just you and an argumentative opponent I thought there maybe a hard and fast 'You're Wrong' solution to the problem.

In my opinion my return from his short shot left no option really. For him to get to it would mean anticipating the shot because my body language was telling him I was going to belt in to the bottom left.

If he could get to the ball he would be able to hit because I am not obstructing the ball per say. Merely give the ball a parry and started to move.

Stick to my guns on this in the future. Problem being if I don' t give in and he looses he makes out I 'cheated' So I can't win the argument really.

Just intrested what people have to say about it.

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From hamburglar - 30 Mar 2007 - 21:30

I've been told to get back to the middle in a good position to defend the drop and make your opponent choose to go around you or call the let. If they're calling lets you're doing it right and making them run.

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From rippa rit - 30 Mar 2007 - 21:26

Chris - the rules do not talk about where players are on court but more in the following terms.-Here is the link to  Squash Library/Rules Spec/Interference Rule 12/Line of Reasoning.which should give you some guidelines on how to make a ruling.

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