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Use of the body

Published: 13 Dec 2004 - 07:33 by rippa rit

Updated: 10 Dec 2008 - 13:29

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

For awkward players, their body getting in the way seems accidental, though under the rules it clearly states the Opponent must make every effort to provide the Player with several options when approaching to play the shot. 

For example:

    • Unobstructed direct access to the ball.
    • A fair view of the ball.
    • Freedom to hit the ball.
    • Freedom to play the ball.
  • An experienced player can try to use the rules to their advantage, and often get away with it. An experienced Referee can handle it and keep the match under control.
  • If the situation is not controlled, anger, frustration, arguing and dangerous play can cause injury. Not a good match to watch.
  •  When is it OK to use the body?
    • As an incoming striker (but without excessive backswing or follow-through) use the footwork to make a berth that allows sufficient room to play the shot.
  • When is it NOT ok to use the body?
    •  To block the Striker from taking a direct pathway to the ball.
    •  Occupying an unnecessarily close position to the striker.
    •  Exaggerating the swing (backswing or followl through), blocking the opponent access to the ball. Special note: ..
  • The Striker shall not be awarded a stroke if interference occurs when:
    •  An excessive backswing is made.
    • The opponent's position clearly does not allow the player "freedom to play the ball directly to any part of thefront wall". The opponent will lose the stroke if the player appeals.
    • Players should NOT push each other.
  • The Referee may stop play and apply the Conduct on Court provisions.
  • Read more about Interference - Line of Reasoning, Freedom of Stroke, Excessive Backswing, Excessive Follow-through, Making Every Effort in the following link.
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From rippa rit - 07 Oct 2007 - 18:39

edmund - the more squash you see the less shocked you become with ref decisions.

And I am speaking of qualified refs not just players.

So this just happened today, a final in progress, one player spits and pukes, his opponent goes and cleans it up, match continues, and fortunately the right player won, when in fact he should have been awarded the match there and then without having to continue.  Full credit to the winner who did probably not want to win on a forfeit; and, it could be said the the loser lost because he was "crook", not because he was not good enough! Wheels within wheels, yeah..

Too scared to make an unpalatable decision is my question?

We can have rules until we are blue in the face, but we cannot control a person's head.!

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From edmpnd1961 - 07 Oct 2007 - 12:44

That u r right rip, but most other players cheat by using it when their opponent is coming back fm 2 sets to tie and in the fifth decider thing get uglier. when some ( mostly the ones losing)even has the cheek to ask for a 3mins (self inficted) time out, when they are tired and are not match fit.

This is grousely unfair to the fitter player



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From rippa rit - 05 Oct 2007 - 20:08   -   Updated: 05 Oct 2007 - 20:09

edmund - I have no problem with that, and that is in effect what is being said in this post. The rest of course is up to intrepretation of the Ref what actually is happening on court.

Top players of course can continue play in spite of interference, and use the interruption to their advantage, but, for the more amateur players minimal interference can appear to be a major disruption to their play, their balance, their accuracy, their confidence, and their decision making, etc.

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From edmpnd1961 - 05 Oct 2007 - 11:50

Hi rippa,

We had a 3hr dialogue with an international referee (Mr. Munir Shah) who is also the Asian Squash Ferderation's Director of Referees and an avid particiant of the World Masters 50 overs.

He says that the incoming striker have a direct path to the ball( makes the effort to play ball) and once the opponent completes the shot , he must make way/ clear path (to move sideway out either left or right)

Otherwise a stroke will be given shud inerference occurs not unless a roller was played.

Also shud the ref. deem that the interference was minnimal (body or racket contact) the incoming striker must play or less a no let call will be given.

Continuty of play is the order.




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