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A Turning Point

Published: 04 Jan 2005 - 10:11 by rippa rit

Updated: 07 Oct 2007 - 18:28

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

I have just watched, with interest, a match when the apparent winner became the loser.
In many a match there is a "turning point". What brings about this situation?

Usually this is brought about by the loss/win of an important game/point. You can create these turning points by:

    • Continuing to apply pressure to the opponent, eg by getting the winning shots back into play.

    • The determination you show as an opponent, eg never give in - focus.

    • Attacking the weaknesses of the opponent

    • Cutting out the areas in your game where the opponent is winning

You can avoid these turning points by:

    • Minimising unforced errors

    • Retaining confidence in your ability

    • Retaining focus and not getting frustrated when the opponent starts playing tougher.

The "turning point" often does not become obvious until near the end when the "tables are turned". The winner becomes the loser.
Believe me, never give up. Keep working on the weaknesses of the opponent, eg their fitness level, mental ability, tactical ability and skill levels.

Once realising and experiencing this feat you will do it again and again. Try it. Tell us about it.

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From msc - 16 Oct 2006 - 03:08


since this topic is back up there it reminded me of my match yesterday - a final in a local tournament where I was probably not quite expected to win...It was even the first few rallies of the first game: 3-all...and then I persisted with my half-court cross courts and 50% successful cross court kill winners to lose the game 9-3 - I was feeling a bit tired, it was my first tough match in a few months...walk on for second game and similar thing, I get 3 points and then my opponent runs away to 8-3. Hmm, quick thought through my head "I am giving away points through unforced errors, I would like to get a couple of respect points at least so I don't have to stare down the barrel at a 3-9, 3-9, 3-9 loss...I think I will try to keep the ball in play, go for the straight down the wall rallies until I see an obvious opportunity and simply make my opponent run some rallies with me as I need the match practice!" I started going back to a patient game and my opponent hit a tin on shot she would normally put away..hmm...then she hits a fat drop to the same front corner - very unlike her, hmm...maybe she is getting a bit tired?... I slowly clawed my way back to 5-8, a far more respectable scoreline, and decide I will push through, minimising unforced thing I have the game - wow! 3rd game my opponent was making unusual errors and I ran away with it 9-3, 4th game I was quite tired but I saw that as long as I kept the ball in play and watched for her to step too far one way I could go for a boast or opposite direction shot quickly and she was a tad slow to get to it as she was tired (as was I!)...I got to 8-4 and tried to remind myself to play through the point, nonetheless went for a couple of dumb shots and laughed at my idiocy then knuckled down and finished off the match - boy was I pleased! Everyone asked me what had happened halfway through the second game - as Rippa Rit suggested I focused on what to do to get in the match rather than beating myself up over errors. Also, I spoke to my opponent after and she said her confidence had been shaken when she went for that forehand winner and it hit the tin, next time she went for it she was a tad more hesitant..and then after that the other parts of her game were affected....

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From drop-shot - 13 Apr 2005 - 23:18

Ray&Rita, of course You ARE the saints, even with the fee paid to you that I am happy to pay, as I do believe that the knowledge is the most valuable good on earth.
Coming back to the topic of "momentum" that we've started. I explained you my conversation with squash partner I had the other day, I told you as well about his silly game pattern. Eh, i have to admit there are people who cannot learn on their mistakes. Today's match took us 48 minutes, three games to love for me, 11-4, 11-2, 11-4. Poor Adam was still hitting tickle boast and I sent him to the back corners using TOSS/ LOB or very loose cross court dying in the nick. NO MAGIC, just thinking. He crawled out of the court begging for mercy. The other silly think he kept on repeating the whole match was glass wall high lob to the front wall. Excuse me, it requires Superman speed to come back to the front wall to receive my counter drop and even if hit back to run to the back corner for my overdriven crosscourt. Tell me, why does he not think? He is a strong and fit guy, 10 years younger, but so naive and... well ... you know ... squash is not about running, isn't it?

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From raystrach - 13 Apr 2005 - 09:04

Thanks for that Slavi

unfortunately Rita and I are not saints and we do hope to make some money out of this site one day! Soon we will start introducing some extra services which, should members choose to subscribe, may cost a few dollars, pesos or euros or whatever. We will also be adding more free stuff for members on top of what is already available. we hopeyou keep enjoying the site - it helps to keep us motivated!!

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From drop-shot - 11 Apr 2005 - 23:37

Cheers, Rita ...
You know I am becoming smarter and smarter thanks to the grat resource of knowledge taken from You and Ray and this site... Everytime I am in troubles I can rely on you as I truly believe in your great coach qualities. And what is really unique, you do it for free, no income, just to make this game more popular. Well, you have my unmeasureable respect ;-) and devotion
Speaking of squash I do play now - yes, it is a hell of difference if you compare me from April 2005 and April 2004. Needles to say, nobody from my office colleagues wants to play with me as they know they will loose. Then i have to ask "C" players to become my partners on court. And here we go. This is FUN.

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From rippa rit - 09 Apr 2005 - 22:09

Yep Slavi,
I can "see" your game is developing more now. Resourcefulness builds confidence in your ability. When it is neck and neck something has to give. Trying to apply too much pressure, eg trying to hit the ball a bit too hard can change the rhythm; trying to hit the shots too fine can cause errors, trying to be too careful can take pressure away and then play can become negative. The number of different opponents you play, and the amount of competitions you enter, will challenge/develop your tactical, physical, and mental resources.

That is good thinking if your opponent has a favourite short shot - come forward and be ready - once you pick it a couple of times, the smart player will be very select when playing the front corners. Yes, just like Chess.

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From drop-shot - 08 Apr 2005 - 21:37

Good Every Part of the Day to everybody here.
In my Country it is 1:26 PM on Friday.
Well, Rita, again you did touch interesting point. I would call it momentum but turning point is good as well. And It just reminds me the discussion I had with my squash-partner. He said he won because he was lucky and it was good fortune... I told him I do not believe in magic and simply he was better than me on that particuar day. I did a lot of unforced errors, I let him push me to the glass wall, then I was already frustrated and wanted to leave the court with the tail under my legs :-) So, yes, there is NO magic in it. Recently I win everytime we meet as I am applying so much pressure on him, but still having fun. There is no agresssion nor anger between us. And what is my secret weapon? Mentioned by you "confidence in my ability". So I see pretty clearly the mistakes of Adam and I am punishing him for that. Examples? Here you are. I am on the T, or half a meter behind. Adam is half way to the front wall. He cannot hit overdriven or loose straight or cross court as he is there. 9 out of 10 cases it is trickle boast. It is so easy to read that after few missed chances I started to send him to the corner. Obviously, he runs, but when the ball hits the side wall and bounces in the 30 cm from the glass ... even if you are a Superman you cannot retrieve. But anyway, it is just one example. Coming BACK to the subject, there is a lot of wisdom and truth in your article. Squash is the game that require a fit body, but I've just realised hom many niuances are hidden in the game and I found out a lot of similarities between squash and chess. But, as Ray mentioned few weeks ago - practice will make it all ;-)

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