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Use of Cue words

Published: 06 Nov 2005 - 07:59 by rippa rit

Updated: 08 Jan 2009 - 08:13

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

What does that really mean? During all games (competition or social hits), training, etc. our mind usually has a dialog going on in our head. Not all of these thoughts are positive or assist our game. In fact sometimes it is quite the opposite and we get negative about our play, or angry with the opponent, and disappointed in our effort. How can we train our mind to behave so it enhances our performance and increases our enjoyment and fun.

Turn all thoughts (cue words) into positive action. Here are some examples of how to do this:-

  • Feel slow - watch the ball at all times, get on your toes just as the opponent goes to strike the ball.
  • The drives are coming into the middle - focus on the front wall target, or alter the target spot until the shot is just right - this may have something to do with footwork also.
  • Boasts going into the "tin" - aim higher on the side wall.
  • Drives not deep enough - aim higher on the front wall.
  • I'm useless! - focus on the process/action that will help improve the situation - search for mental skills.

At first this will seem brain overload. Keep calm.

How to begin this new approach:-

  • After training/session write down the problems to address (the downfalls).
  • Go to the appropriate section in the squashgame site and find an answer, eg if it is a skill problem go to Strokes & Movement, if it is a Tactical problem go to that area and so on.
  • Put in a "search" if you are not satisfied with your browse around the site.
  • Go to the Members Forum and put in a post.

Whatever you do you must enjoy your playing.

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