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Published: 18 May 2008 - 17:31 by raystrach

Updated: 21 May 2008 - 08:38

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I have seen first hand, in recent times, the effect of motivation, or in some  cases, the lack of it on peoples' decision making. Should I go down to the local squash club and play  a game or practice or should i watch the repeat of that tv program.

Some people are able to provide more than enough motivation for themselves, others need some external motivation to really get themselves moving. When you are running any sort of fitness or sports club, you want motivated customers and members, or at the  very least, those capable of being motivated.

My move to Hervey Bay has uncovered some interesting cases where motivation plays an important part of players' behaviour, both positive and negative. For starters, the management of the club provides absolutely no motivation whatsoever those who play Squash, although it could be argued that they provide motivation to stay away!

Once that hurdle is overcome, each individual must decide where in their list of priorities the game of Squash comes.

Do I train 3 times per week to play?

Do I play a practice game once or twice a week?

Do I just turn up for my regular competition or social match once a week?

Do I play at all?

The answer will come depending on what goals you have in Squash, how much you enjoy it, how many other things you have happening and what level of access you have to facilities and training partners. Plus the host of other individual variables. Nothing new in all that.

Those tthat play in teams squash will know that some teams have a practice culture, usually spurred on by one or two of the team members. They create a certain amount of enthusuiasm for the game and spur each other on to do their best. And of course no one likes to let the team down.

There are a couple of the top players at the local club who seem satisfied where they are at in the pecking order and don't really see the need to practice. That's ok. I wonder if there attitude will remain the same once they start dropping down that order. We might soon see.

Others who have the potential to be much better have found it all too hard to improve in the past and have slowly accepted their lot. If they see some improvement with some effort and a little guidance, will they develop some renewed enthusiasm and improve markedly?

Being someone who likes to stir people up, I intend to find out the answers to some of these questions. In my own way, I intend to provide a little external motivation to those i come into contact with in the local Squash world.  If you happen to be playing squash in the Hervey Bay region, depending on your attitude, either your worst nightmare or a great dream may be coming your way some time soon.

Watch out for me: I am old, fat and bald with glasses!

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From raystrach - 21 May 2008 - 08:38

I don't see not utilising the euphoria of a good win as a problem. You should enjoy it for what it is! I think it is far better to be consistant with training.

Your determination to reach a certain playing level will get you there while ever you

  1. maintain the deisre
  2. remain receptive to change
  3. are objective when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses
  4. have the appropriate fitness level.

Little gains maintain desire and motivation just as you mentioned. It's when you reach the inevitable plateau that it becomes a little harder. This is where you have to go back and have a good hard honest look at yourself and decide where the next bit of inprovement is going to come from.

It is usually a case of two steps forward and one step back. Keep at it Mike, you will eventually make it.

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From mike - 19 May 2008 - 15:41

I find I'm most motivated after a good win when I've played well. Unfortunately I'm usually showered and on my way home at night, so I can't really capitilize and turn my high spirits into traning-vigor.

I do try to take the feeling on board when I do train though. The fixture rankings are the only real external motivation I have. I'm aiming to get into division one at some point which keeps me wanting to improve. Otherwise it's just the joy of improvement.

For those that don't care about which division or line they are on there's not much external motivation here.

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