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Eye Exercises

Published: 10 Nov 2010 - 09:43 by martybody

Updated: 02 Apr 2011 - 11:43

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I have trouble following the squash and in a match I lose points and games because of shots I do not see.  Does anyone know of eye exercises I can do to increase my ability to follow the squash ball?  Thanks. 

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From rippa rit - 10 Nov 2010 - 17:42

The Relevant Content tab on the top lefthand column has brought up many posts about watching the ball, tracking the ball, footwork and movement, etc.  After reading those you will be totally confused maybe!!  Feedback would be good.

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From raystrach - 10 Nov 2010 - 16:30   -   Updated: 10 Nov 2010 - 16:32

hi martybody

i take you your eyesight is ok. if not try contact lenses by consulting your optomertrist..

if all is well there, you are probably taking your eyes off the player when they are hitting the ball (that is, if you are looking at this in the first place).

many players look at the front wall after striking the ball. because both players are in the one court in squash (as opposed to tennis and other similar ball sports), you need to look around at your opponent when they are striking the ball.

if you feel uncomfortable looking at them striking the ball, you may need to wear protective eyewear.

seeing them hit it gives you the cues needed to move early and to be able to follow the ball. you also need to follow the path of the ball after you strike it.

there is planty in the library on this topic, especially in the movement section


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