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Let or Not to Let

Published: 03 Nov 2012 - 17:28 by Markymark36

Updated: 07 Nov 2012 - 09:18

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When you hit a ball,; say crosscourt,  and it hits your opponents legs/ shins/ foot  for example, and the shot is low and would have been out or under the tin; is this still a let ? What should happen here?

Many thanks

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From rippa rit - 07 Nov 2012 - 09:18

aprice is right, normal shot (no turning, no further attempts, no let called, no side wall boast etc) and ball would not be classified as a good shot, hand out.  Refer Rule 9 (G4).for clarification. What I don't get with the question is how could the player get  hit if they were not in the line of flight to the front wall, and why was not a  let called and mabe a let or stroke allowed, or did the player "pull their shot" in fear of hurting their opponent? hence the return hit them on the lower part of the body?

Read Rule 9 thoroughly as it is not a straight-forward answer.

Thanks Arthur for taking the time to read this thoroughly.  See Relevant content tab as this is a popular question.

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From aprice1985 - 07 Nov 2012 - 08:28

I thought that if the return would not have been good i.e. would have tinned then it would be no let am I wrong?

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From rippa rit - 05 Nov 2012 - 19:56   -   Updated: 05 Nov 2012 - 19:58

If the ball hits the player "hand out".  See the basic rules.

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