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Awareness on Court

Published: 28 Jul 2005 - 13:49 by rippa rit

Updated: 16 Aug 2006 - 12:47

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip
If we think of players on a football field we are talking about awareness of where your team are on the field (and I am sure there is much more as well).  The same applies to squash, except you only have one opponent in a fairly confined space, and when they are behind you, it is hard sometimes to know where they are unless you position yourself to be able to see or "feel" their presence.  And, you sure do not want to hit the ball back to them.

To become a thinking player it is necessary to recognize what is actually happening during a match and that requires an awareness too. What do I mean?
    • If your last shot was a good one, probably the next one will be easier. Take advantage of it and hit the return with authority.
    • If your last shot was weak, most likely the next shot will be harder to retrieve/control. Therefore after a weak shot be prepared to run, and get into position.
    • If your opponent hits a clean winner, think “if I had done a better return that winner could not have been played”. Often the thought will be “if I was fitter I would have got the ball back”. Or some idle chatter, eg “you idiot”, “fool”, “sh—“, “wake up to yourself” etc.
If you can relate to what I am saying you are halfway to doing something about understanding what is going on, not only with your shot, but your opponents.

The Guru said in an article “hit the Rewind Button”. True? Recall what the opponent is doing, e.g.
    • a) If the opponent hits 3 boasts in a game and you reply with 3 cross courts, it could be that you are getting “sucked in” not only once, but three times.
    • b) The reply to a boast is a drop, maybe the lst time; a cross court lob the 2nd time, and a tickle boast the 3rd time.
If you are aware of the flow of the game, the mind will pick up on the repetitive shots that get you into trouble.

This awareness is all about improving performance in a sportsmanship like manner too. Nothing is more disappointing than playing a person who is carrying on like a “pork chop” during a match that is supposed to be for relaxation and enjoyable.
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