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Why keep a Diary?

Published: 09 Oct 2004 - 23:41 by rippa rit

Updated: 21 Aug 2008 - 07:56

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip
I keep a Diary out of a matter of course, as that takes the guess work out of keeping records, and keeps the mind free to concentrate on other things.  There are lots of facts in the records  that will help the Coach, Trainer, Physio, etc  when trying to establish what is going right or wrong with playing and training.  It is also a way to monitor progress and eliminate injuries.

Some players might think a Diary is only for elite athletes or Executives, but that is not the case . It is an accurate means of recording and monitoring helpful information and can be as detailed or non-specific as you like.  Here are some examples of the sort of info that can be useful for reference?
    • How you feel when you wake up.
    • The time you wake up.
    • Hours slept.
    • Resting heart rate.
    • Playing/training records.
    • Food eaten, including vitamins, medication etc.
    • Alcohol consumed.
    • Fluid intake.
    • Injuries and treatment.
    •  Weight.
These records will be important for the Dietian, the Coach, Personal Trainer, the Doctor/Physio or whoever is assisting you meet your personal goals.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 21 Aug 2008 - 07:56

Also, I should have mentioned to note inthe Diary playing, training and competition summaries as well, eg

  • the lob worked well in training but let me down during the match
  • I need to practice getting the boasts to land lower in the front of the court
  • I tried to finish off the rally too soon and made unforced errors

From these comments more specific goals can be established, eg

  • practice lob routines, eg drive/drive/boast/lob/volley or drive
  • aim a little lower on the side wall when boasting so the ball does not sit up so high on the front wall
  • be patient, get good length, before trying to force a winner

Diary notes will help plan and revise your play, as well as make it easy to set up, at short notice, ideas for training.

Try to keep the goals realistic so you do not get disappointed.

There is a true saying "some make it happens, others say what happened". 


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