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How to beat a fitter player?

Published: 09 May 2008 - 18:23 by martinio

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 17:33

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How to beat a fitter player,  who is and as good player as me? I tried to tire him, but it didn't work out, I also tried to play ball as far from him as I can but he run as a devil :) What can I try now? Any advice will be appreciated




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From rippa rit - 10 May 2008 - 08:45

The Library has some tactical info.  Read more about the opponent.

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From mike - 09 May 2008 - 22:46

When playing an unfit or slow opponent you can play attacking shots at almost any time and get some benefit from them (errors not withstanding).


When you play a fast, fit player the situation is different. If you play a low percentage attacking shot at the wrong time (trying to hit a winner that isn't on) you'll likely just feed your opponent an opportunity to win the rally. It becomes much more important to wait for the right opportunity to attack, which means extending the rally with defensive shots while you wait for a loose ball (and bad position) from your opponent.

Of course for this to work your defensive shots (length drives, lobs and sometimes crosscourts) need to be tight enough that your opponent doesn't attack.


For example you may try playing a number of straight backhand length drives consecutively. If your opponent hits a tight shot then defend. If they hit a loose shot, or they anticipate the length and hang back hit a quick boast or drop into the opposite front corner. If you wait for the opportunity your opponent should be running to the front from the back instead of from the T.

Mostly I think it's an attitude thing. If you perceive the rally as being a battle for position, and not a string of attempted winners you'll likely be less put off by your opponents physicality.

I'm working on this in my own game at the moment and if you watch a professional match the players hit a huge number of shots without any expectation of winning the rally. They are positioning their opponent to create opportunities.

Usually the shot you hit before you won the rally is the shot that wins the rally

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