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Choosing SquashTactics

  • In a competition Squash match, nothing will stay the same if the opponent is trying to counteract good tactics.
  • There is always a shift in each game as one player strives to overcome the conditions of play to stay on top.
  • Fitness, skill, and mental toughness, etc all play a part in deciding what Squash tactics to pursue

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Game Preparation

Here are some simple clues about the opponent that can help individualise the game plan.

About the
 Game Strategy
Plays left handed Serve from the left hand service box.
Drive to the right-hand corner of the court.
Overweight Keep the opponent on the move.
Keep the rallies going especially at the beginning of the match..
Cannot volley Hit high lob serves, especially to their backhand.
Has a wide swing Hit the ball to the corners.
Gets frustrated Keep getting all their good shots back into play; no errors.

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The Basic Game

  • Return the service on the full.
  • Get to the T at all cost.
  • Volley.
  • Tight length.
  • No errors – aim higher – open racket - swing fluently.
  • Racket in the “ready” position early. Get into a rhythm before going for your shots.

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Tactics of a Typical Match

1st game
  • Think about the basic game, ie Return the service on the full.
  • Get to the T at all costs.
  • Volley.
  • Tight length.
  • No errors - aim higher - swing fluently.
  • Racket in the "ready" position early.
  • Once the basics are in place try out a few variations.
  • Make a mental note of any specific trends during the game.
  • Having thought about the basic game, but still things are tough, try out various ideas, eg twist and turn the opponent.
  • Play hard and fast length, long and short, vary the pace.
2nd game
  • Go on with a plan, depending how your opponent handled the first game.
  • You must have a plan or positive strategy to assist concentration.
3rd game
  • You could start to alter the pattern of tactics.
  • Instead of down the backhand wall generally, may be a few cross court and using the forehand wall or drop, etc.
  • If your game becomes too repetitive your opponent will start to read your play.
4th game
  • If your opponent is down, he will try harder so put your shoulder to the wall, no errors, keep volleying and attack.
5th game
  • If the opponent is on top break his heart and get every ball back.
  • Don’t give in.
  • Concentrate.
  • No unforced errors.
  • No out of court serves.
  • If you are on top don’t relax.
  • Keep volleying.
  • Concentrate on the opponent's weaknesses.

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Think Positive

  • Hit the service on the full, so as to gain the T.
  • Keep out of the back corners when returning the service.
  • Play long or short, but not half-court – be definite.
  • Twist and turn your opponent to keep them off balance.
  • Use volleys, volley boasts, boast, cross court toss, tight deep length – soft or hard – and volley.
  • Make your opponent run – long./short, volley.
  • Keep up the pressure.
  • Be positive and keep thinking about your plan.
  • NO NEGATIVE self talk, eg I’m playing badly, he gets all my balls back,I’m going to lose, etc.

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