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Comfortable racquet for improving player

Published: 09 May 2009 - 18:24 by isotrope

Updated: 12 May 2009 - 16:53

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Hi all! This is just another "which racquet best suits me" post. I've been playing for two months now and I'm tired of my Dunlop Tempo Composite. It's a cheap racquet, which is good to start with, but it has no power, no control and it's heavy (170g), at least compared to other racquets. The only good point is that it provides a lot of comfort. I'd like to find another racquet with more power and control but without loosing too much comfort. I know that the best thing is to try other racquets, but my club can "only" borrow me some Prince, Wilson and Karakal racquets, all strung with the same tension as the one of the Italian President's face skin after his plastic surgery! As a result, the Prince Hybrid Vendetta I tried this week almost broke my forearm, and the Karakal Mx 125 didn't do anything to repair it. I have then several questions. First, is it really useful to try racquets knowing that the string tension can change your feeling? Second, which racquet would you recommend for a improving player seeking for a good balance between power and control, but with a good comfort as well (and not too expensive, say around 80€)? I read somewhere that the Wilson K 155 or the K 140 are very comfortable racquets. Would you have other advices? Also, should I only rely on the racquet for getting more comfort? Does it depend on the head shape? Do the grip and the string tension really matter? A lot of question, but I know you've got a lot of answers as well. Thanks in advance!

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From rippa rit - 10 May 2009 - 08:39   -   Updated: 12 May 2009 - 16:53

Here is the link to the Gear Forum Archives.  There are 9 pages to look through (not all about rackets though). This might help you make a decision.

Power and control would be every squash player's dream.  At an estimate, about 70% of a player's power and control is determined by technique and court movement. 

PS - Good reviews on this US Shop Racket - Dunlop Hot Melt Pro a special price too.

         Good reviews on this UK Shop Racket - Browning ESP 110 Ti Carbon Titanium.

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