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need help

Published: 27 Oct 2009 - 01:59 by Prits

Updated: 28 Oct 2009 - 05:02

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My friend who i play against has recently been doing a shot that I can seem to beat.

Basically he'll be very close to the left wall. He'll hit the ball straight so it comes right back toweards him. I always feel he's in the way cos he does the shot and just stands there but i dont think its an obstruction + if i get to it i can only hit it straight because his bodies in the way.

Whats the best way of countering this?



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From drop-shot - 28 Oct 2009 - 05:02

sorry to be a joy-killer, but LET's read the rules before posting such a query. Seems very childish to ask how should I write the word "dog", while my colleague writes it "dok"...

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From mike - 27 Oct 2009 - 14:20

Sounds like a clear stroke to you Prits.

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From rippa rit - 27 Oct 2009 - 06:31   -   Updated: 27 Oct 2009 - 06:35

Yep - you must clear the ball - not matter how good or bad the shot.  If not, Let or Stroke to opponent depending on your positioning on court and capability of returning the shot.  Interference - Rule 12 applies

Take a look at the Gold Squash Videos, eg Pair Routine - Backhand Wall Rally and see how the players are supposed to move around each other on matter what, walking backwards off the ball is not the way to do it.  Now all you have to do is convince your mate!!

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From hamburglar - 27 Oct 2009 - 05:23

If he's preventing your hitting a crosscourt either because his body is in the way of your swing or because the ball would hit him, it sounds like he is obstructing and it should be a stroke and your point.

If he keeps doing it, hit him, then you'll see how good a friend he is

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