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Stringing, Such a Headache

Published: 08 Apr 2011 - 14:51 by TRAK74

Updated: 02 May 2011 - 15:06

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 Hey Guys,

I am a new player to squash and I am currently trying to understand what string/tension would be best, I have no idea. I got the Dunlop 4d Evo coz Nick Matthews has it and hes the best, simply put (even tho now hes moved onto the newer model, the old model is very similiar) and he said he strings his racquets at 27lbs. Anyone know what string he uses and why he uses 27lbs? I figure if I use the best gear I can't complain about that portion of my game and I can just concentrate on getting better,


Thanks in Advance,


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From sloejp - 02 May 2011 - 15:06

i would agree that you don't want to string at 27 lbs. 24 lbs might be better. tecnifibre 305 plays well. why not give that a try?

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From nickmaster - 26 Apr 2011 - 18:20

 No Dunlop contract allows to use strings of other color than white in their rackets, well except Ramy... Powernick18 have white version as well and it is Powernick18 in his racket. You can find a lot of useful info about strings in However, you definately don´t want to use such a high tension as Nick. 

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From TRAK74 - 08 Apr 2011 - 15:32   -   Updated: 08 Apr 2011 - 15:35

 Oh, any idea why he uses that particular type of string/strining? I'd like to hear the long story  And how are you sure he uses Powernick 18? his strings arent red :o

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From TRAK74 - 08 Apr 2011 - 15:22

 thanks, appreciate the quick response

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From drop-shot - 08 Apr 2011 - 15:19   -   Updated: 08 Apr 2011 - 15:19

 Nick Matthew's Strings is Ashaway PowerNick 18. He strings his racket rather strong (27lbs) to have ultimate control on the ball. In all earnest I would not recommend his racket nor stringing to beginners. WHY? It's a long story and I am afraid you do not want to hear it. It is great you have such a great idol for your gaming, but using his shoes or racket does not make any difference on your game. 
One small hint — lighter racket requires really good technique. Be sure to work on it.

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