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positioning on the court

Published: 19 Jun 2005 - 19:27 by missing_record7

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 10:21

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I play in a competition that is very social as a result there are not a lot of people that can give me advice. I need to know if there is a rule that covers a person standing against the wall when recieving a backhand serve. thus making a forehand shot. I know the turning rule, but they are not actually turning because they are already in this position. Quite often the server gets hit with the ball, is this a stroke against the server or can we aply the same rules as turning? Please help. If there is no rule against this positioning, some tactics would be good, it may save a few more bruises.

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From rippa rit - 22 Jun 2005 - 21:58

Hello Jackie - how many more "ducks" have you done to avoid that return?
All of our tips are good provided there is ball control. The thing to avoid is hitting the ball onto the side wall and it then rebounds landing on the forehand (if the opponent is up against the wall it may do just that), giving just as much trouble. To get better control, so that the ball lands close to the side wall without being hit as a forehand, I would concentrate on:-

1. The target on the front wall (about the middle of the front wall). It is the target that gives the landing spot in the back of the court. It might be necessary to move the target a bit to get the ball right where you want it

2. A hard serve, aimed close to the "cut line", hit off centre to the middle of the front wall, to land at the opponent's feet close to the nick, would be hard to return on the forehand, and hopefully they may have to jump over the ball!
3. By hitting a backhand serve from the forehand service box, it is possible to hit a serve that follows the side wall along (as the target can be almost two-thirds across the front wall), preventing the ball from rebounding into the middle of the court. It will be a soft serve that sort of hugs the wall for a couple of metres.

My tip would be, to get this right, have about 10 minutes of serving trying our tips, till you can consistently strike the right spot on the front wall, to give a serve that rebounds close to the wall that the opponent cannot hit as a forehand.

This is a bit of a challenge. As Ray said, let us know what worked for you?

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From raystrach - 19 Jun 2005 - 20:03

dear jackie

this is a tricky one in so far as the rules go but is simple in what you must do. If the receiver is hitting the ball knowing there is a good chance that the server will get it, it falls under the category of dangerous play. if so, it may be a stroke to the server. however, this could be contentious.

to get the player to stop this tactic you need to produce a serve which the player cannot return. if all the players start using this tactic, the player will soon change.

Here are a couple of ideas:
Try a hard serve directly at the backhand of the player. this will give them little time to move thus jamming them. hopefully the player will have difficulty in hitting the ball.

Another option would be to hit a very high serve which stays close to the side wall and goes over their head. it should land close to the back corner (check out the library for tips)

the third option is to hit a hard serve which hits the back wall on the full and rebounds towards their position up against the wall. again, they should have difficulty in returning the serve

depending on the individual skills of this player, any one of these could work. let us know how you go. i can provide more tips.

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