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Various Brands - BIG LIST Equipment Junkie Review

Published: 17 Feb 2007 - 03:42 by rskting

Updated: 18 Feb 2007 - 03:01

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1) racquets

Prince racquets: 03 tour/silver way too heavy-probably 170 in actual weight. Waiting for 03 black to come out. airstick 130 has been great, very very powerful (Ramy Ashour's racquet). Prince shoes- NFS 3- not problem with the sole separating issue many talk about, but they're too wide for normal feet (so had to throw them out).

Head: Have many of the 130 teardrop shaped heads, i110, i130, and flexpoint. These play like the airstick 130 price above, but even more powerful with more open stringbed, so technifibre 225 is too thin, need 325's. Prince is rounder, so more control, but always liked the head i130 shape. Flexpoint 140 is more square, give me good length because softer frame prevent overhitting. Head shoes: the 'lite' for $40 online has been great shoes, but many complain of sole separation again, but not for me. They are also a bit wide.

Asics: sensei shoe- shabana's shoes, normal width so fits me. great gel cushioning front and back, very light but very sturdy, best shoes so far for me, got many pairs. Only problem is sometimes not grippy (see shabana slip many times, and me too), because bottom is not gummy sole.

Blacknight: very very durable racquets, could not break them, always great cosmetics and bags, can't go wrong with black night. but their bags dont look too great. If I ever see someone with a bk shirt, you know they're hardcore.

adidas- stabil 7- yup, the newest ones for 2007. not as flat, gummy sole now gummier and has grip patter like this: # . heavier shoe, but sturdy and grippy. tongue is thin and digs into top of foot a little, so wear thick socks and buy 1/2 size larger.

hm.. what else do i have...

Dunlop racquets: the older racquets, 3 yrs back, I like those, huge 525cm head, and stiffer frames, since the ice series very soft and dead thud, so have not been using those much recently.

Wilson: always very stiff racquets, the 120, 130, 140, etc. the ntour is great headshape and control, but i didnt get one (too many racquets already). The 120's are too narrow, and often mishit or end up slicing everything.

more shoes: hi-tech: very light shoes, but not enough support, but pricing is usually very good online for these.

bags: dunlop bag, red/silver mfil : very big, can almost fit all the stuff above in one bag.

strings: ashway and techf is the standard, prince if you want a really powerful hit, but not much touch. softer actually more touch for drop and hard strings stiff racquet  can hit hard if you can generate good strokes. i usually stick with stiff racquet but string a soft texture string very tight.

let me know when the prince 03 black comes out if anyone knows





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From rskting - 18 Feb 2007 - 03:01

i110 has been a favourite of mine for sometime, plays well but you need to have decent strokes because it is almost too light. Great for power as it is very stiff. volleys may be off if hit too low on teardrop. Sometimes difficult overheads compared to more rounded/square racquets like the LM 120. But I like it for the power and the weight.  Dont own a LM120 but tried it out for a few games- it is just as light but head is more square, so has more control, but way less power than the head. Not nearly as stiff as I like, so I passed on the LM120. Not sure about durability- have had little problem with durability from any racquet since the old dunlops 3 years ago. You might as well get the flexpoint 130 from head, same tearshape, but a newer racquet around the same price. 130 and 110 make little difference in weight after you get used to it- sorta like comparing horsepower or computer CPU speed- when you use it without knowing the numbers you can hardly tell anyways. hope this helps.

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From drop-shot - 17 Feb 2007 - 17:45

Go for Head i 110 instead of LM 120. LM 120/140 were (are) very fragile and I am telling you that from my own experience, not from reading the websites. Try ix 120 as well - very good model, though "old" so you can get it cheap (ca 60 GBP)

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From RashD - 17 Feb 2007 - 11:24   -   Updated: 17 Feb 2007 - 11:24

Could you please give more info about the head i.110 racket as i'm thinking of getting it or the Liquidmetal 120...

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